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Thread: I lost internet!

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    Default I lost internet!
    I bought my phone a yesterday pre-unlocked and jailbroken. After a great deal of work getting all the crap off of it without actually wiping the phone, I finally got around to putting in my actual Apple brand bluetooth ear-piece. The phone had been working fairly well up until this point. I had been running it mostly on WiFi so far but now it seems I have no internet. The WiFi works fine but I cannot get any 2G/3G data transfer. I have anywhere between 2-5 bars of reception on my phone and the carrier spot says T-Mobile with an "E" next to it up at the top. Before it started doing this, I would get some numbers up in the spot where my 3G or E symbol should be. It would change every moment or so, from -48 to -50, then -32 to -41 or something. It stopped doing that too. I figured it had to do with the data transferring through the actual cell signal. Can anyone help me out here? Am I missing something? Has anyone had this problem?

    Also, one more question. Since I am running off of T-Mobile with an iPhone 3GS, can I get 3G data speeds or am I stuck with 2G speeds?

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    T-Mobile USA does not support 3G on the iPhone. To avoid problems, turn 3G off in Settings.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mes View Post
    T-Mobile USA does not support 3G on the iPhone. To avoid problems, turn 3G off in Settings.
    Okay, no 3G is not a huge problem for me or anything. I was just curious. I figured out really quickly that I wasn't able to have the actual 3G toggled on. I would lose service completely and sometimes I would have to restart the entire phone. Last I checked, the phone still had an issue, even though the 3G was toggled to the OFF position.

    I hate to bug, but was is the latest iOS version released that is truly stable when jailbroken and unlocked? I have two iPhone 3GS 16Gb units and one is running simply 4.1 (8B117) on 06.15.00 Fw and the other is the one attached to my posts and my profile. I don't care too much about losing GPS access, as I've heard sometimes happens with some versions of jailbreaking and unlocking. I just want to take advantage of as many features and apps as possible, not to mention security updates.

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    GPS loss only occurs when the baseband of a 3GS or 3G iPhone is upgraded to 6.15.00 (iPad bb) for unlocking. It would not occur due to jailbreaking or unlocking itself.

    The most stable and reliable jb on the most current fw version is 4.3.3 or 4.2.1. 4.3.3 has a cosmetic signal bar issue due to preserved basebands, but that's all (fixable by installing ultrasn0w whether unlock is possible or not). 4.2.1 has the most compatibility with Cydia tweaks/apps. Personally I would go 4.2.1, but some people want the latest as possible, 4.3.3 is quite stable as well though. Strictly personal preference at this point IMO.

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