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Thread: $49.99 per line (2 lines, $99.98 total), unl voice, unl text, unl data - iPhone OK?

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    Default $49.99 per line (2 lines, $99.98 total), unl voice, unl text, unl data - iPhone OK?
    This is a new plan on the T-Mobile website: LINK: $49.99 per line Unlimited Data, Talk, Text Family | Best Plan Ever | T-Mobile

    I was offered this plan over phone with a T-Mobile rep. Requires a new 2-year contract ($200 early termination per line) and also doesn't give you a free phone.

    Any reason this is not the best plan for an iPhone on T-Mobile (if you can handle the 2-year contract).

    The fine print says "For unlimited data plans, full speeds available up to monthly data allotment; after allotment used, speeds slowed to up to 2G speeds for remainder of billing cycle." But this shouldn't affect iPhone on T-Mobile since they can'd get 3G now anyway.

    From the website:

    Unlimited Family Plan (first two lines):

    The first two lines are $49.99/mo. each line, totaling $99.98 per month. Each of the first two lines includes:

    * Unlimited data: Up to 2 GB of high-speed data (for capable devices), then reduced speeds after that. If you use up your high-speed data, we will automatically reduce your speeds for the rest of your billing cycle—so you can still connect without overages.
    * Unlimited talk minutes
    * Unlimited text
    * New two-year agreement

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    Couldn't you just get a prepaid plan that is $50 and you still get Unlimited everything since an iPhone only uses Edge? Plus there isn't a stupid contract.

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    I just got this plan with my wife and I. Everything works perfect using mitime and ultrasn0w. had to input apn setting and finally mms works now too.

    And the prepaid version plan of this, has unlimited talk, text, but only has 100mb of data for $50, not unlimited.

    P.S. T-Mobile now carries micro sim cards. We signed up for the plan telling them we did not want to buy any phone.
    They asked what phone we would use, and we said an iPhone. So they told us they recently got in micro sim cards and were waiting for someone like us so they can issue them instead of normal sizes.
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    Me and my BF are on this plan (me on iphone not him, though he is getting one soon) and it worked fine for us.

    It does state unlimited data but actually its 2gb (not that we use even half of that since we are always in wifi anyway.

    It does suck that I can't use 3g being on the iphone but he can and his internet is noticably faster. I figure that will change if EVER tmobile gets the iphone and there are lots of rumors since sprint is getting it that tmobile may as well. Who knows.

    Either way, this plan works nice for us. We were paying 20$ more per month when we just got unlimited talk and text, now we are getting data too at a cheaper rate so woohoo!

    I am upgrading to the iphone 4 (from 3gs) eventually and was wondering if tmobile would have the microsims, so thats awesome that they are prepared. I used to work for tmobile and we had TONS of iphone customers so I knew they would get on board with the micro sims eventually.

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    i just upgrade to this plan, and also add another 2 lines, so 4 lines is total $130, will split up the cost so everyone pay only $33/month, pretty good deal for unlimited text and data, since I don't talk alot so 500mins/month works for me... still waiting to add one more line so i get to pay $29 bucks amonth

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    I agree great plan. I was paying 200 s month for 3 phones unlimited everything. Now I have 4 lines; 1bb, 2 iPhones, 1 dumb phone. BB and 1 iPhone totally unlimited, the other iPhone is 500 minutes and unlimited text and data and the fourth is a dumb phone unlimited talk and text for $140 before taxed. Free wifi calling as well. I think it's s great deal.

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