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Thread: Thinking of switching to prepaid, have a few questions first

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    Default Thinking of switching to prepaid, have a few questions first
    Ok, so I have a contractual plan,or however you say it, and currently it costs me $60 for unlimited talk, text and web. It's the $10 basic 2g web so i use the voicestream apn. it works great but tmobile has a prepaid plan for $50 with unlimited talk, text, and web, and the first 200 mb of web is 4g.

    So the questions I have are:
    1. Will tmobile's prepaid 3g and 4g work on the iphone?
    2. Will I need a new apn to work with it or do i use
    3. After the first 200 mb, does it revert to 2g or 3g?
    4. After the first 200 mb, when it switches to 2g or 3g, will I need a/another apn?
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    The iPhone will be stuck at 2G no matter what plan you get. This is a hardware incompatibility. T-Mobile uses 3G frequencies that the iPhone cannot support.

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    Oh... Well thanks!

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    Although the prepaid plan is cheaper, so why not? You're basically getting the same thing for $10 less. As for the APN question, I do believe the same APN should be fine. You should consider getting the prepaid to try it out (if it isn't too costly for you) and see if you find everything to be the same as what you have now. If so, drop your plan. If not, just don't use the prepaid anymore. AFAIK, it should be the same thing. I had Flexpay way back when, and it was just like having regular service (unlimited data, texting, etc.) except that I paid before use.

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