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Thread: need help jailbreaking iphone 4 and unlock

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    Default need help jailbreaking iphone 4 and unlock
    hi i just purchased an iphone 4 firmware 4.3.3 with modem fimware 04.10.01
    is there anything i could do to get this to work for tmobile.? any easy way to jailbeak. i appreciate the help...

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    jailbreaking is a somewhat complicated procedure. you need to read as many tutorials as you can before you start doing it to be sure of what you're doing. as for unlocking, you have two choices: drop $160+ ONLINE to some random person on the internet to do the unlocking for you (to my knowledge, the FunkySpaceMonkey blog offers this service) or you drop $40+ for a Gevey SIM adapter and perform unlocking procedures every time you reboot the phone.

    or you can sell it and get an android. I suggest you stick to a network-supported phone, like some Samsung or something.

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    so u mean to tell me its not possible to jailbreak or unlock the easy way? so there is no unlock unless u use an adapter?

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    1) Some what. I use ihatesn0w for the jailbreak+hackactivate. it's what i used.

    2) Yes Gevey for the bypass to make calls (sorry it's not a true unlock)

    good luck and keep us posted
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    ok thx... so how do i use ihatesnow? for a start atleast i could jailbreak it. is there a link to show how to do it step by step?

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    oh man check or also isn't bad.
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    thx bro. so the gevey chip will unlock it for me right. no problems at all? what should i expect when using the gevey chip? "such as signal drops"

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    I'm being a bit sarcastic. ok...

    yes gevey = never reboot
    it get's annoying sometimes when you do lose signal complete and have to power off and one to get the 112 to work. i have a paper clip just in case. I got a white iphone a few weeks back for Best Buy and returned it. the Gevey was annoying as "insert a joke here" but got a friends iphone 4 for free/fix and i guess i'll live with the reset and what not.

    Signal drop... honestly if you have an iphone before it should be the same. the 3GS i had before had a "decent" signal in my area. now the ip4 is the same. it's not any kind of signal booster at all. But it does seem to just drop and reboot the signal. As in No Signal -> No service -> three bars

    good luck
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    for the jailbreak using ihatesnow, is it untethered jailbreak? and what's the 112?

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    yes it's untethered.

    112... wiki it =] but really it's what the gevey needs to by pass and get your sim card to work. just youtube gevey sim unlock. there's like 10000 videos.
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    if you want to use Gevey SIM , my suggestion is to buy original Gevey card. I have it worked on my iphone 4 and also have the signals increased where my area usually have 1 or 2 bars (mosh the time is 1 bar).
    With the gevey sim, I now can get up to 3 bars or 4 bar signals. The odd thing is everytime reboot the phone, I have to follow the unlock procedure again but it takes less than 3 mins.

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