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Thread: No cellular data tab to fix MMS

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    Default No cellular data tab to fix MMS
    Hey guys i have a jailbroken and unlocked iphone 4 on 4.0.2. My cellular data tab isnt there so i cant edit it to add the mms apn settings. How can i get it to show up??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ivel View Post
    Hey guys i have a jailbroken and unlocked iphone 4 on 4.0.2. My cellular data tab isnt there so i cant edit it to add the mms apn settings. How can i get it to show up??
    Pop your sim out and put it in again. Cellular data tab will show. have fun!

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    doesnt work

    What im looking for is the button that lets you Edit the information, cause I need to add APN settings to enable MMS
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    Did you install the APN editing from the BigBoss repo? Make sure you read the instructions first, to make sure it covers for your device.

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    I just did it, and it doesn't work Cellular Data tab is still not showing up

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ivel View Post
    I just did it, and it doesn't work Cellular Data tab is still not showing up
    you can use (supreme Preferences 3.0)

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    or get TetherMe and TetherMe APN Editing combo.
    This will show yuo the cellular data tab, even on 4.1

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    Tether me costs money! How can I get Supreme Preferences?

    Supreme preferences worked!!! Thanks!
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    Nevermind. It opens cellular data editing but when i send a mms its just doesnt send. It show that symbol as if i have no servicr

    Hey guys so I have the cellular data tab now and I put the info for MMS, but its still not sending. Why????
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    can't post the repo here on Modmyi. but do a search on and look for Supreme Preferences iPhone Repo,

    You will need to go into Cydia and add the Repo into your sources.

    Upon installing Supreme Preferences, you will get the option to add Cellular Data Editing, and it will show up.

    After installing Supreme Preferences you need to goto Winterboard to Enable the use of it.

    Use Extreme Caution when using this app, do not use it for anything else but enabling Cellular Data Editing, If you mess with any other settings you will most definitely Screw up your phone Big Time

    here are some instruction and a few screen shots on how to use supreme preferences.

    After Downloading and installing Supreme Preferences from Cydia

    Open Winterboard

    once opened press the Select Theme Tab

    In the list you will see Supreme Preferences 3.0 Press it to enable it the Check Mark will show up telling you it is enabled.

    Once enabled Press the Home Button, your phone will do a quick Restart/Respiring.

    when the phone come back on go to your settings

    In the settings menu you will now see the option for Extreme Preferences Press it

    Next Press Applications.

    Next Press Phone

    Now you will see an a tab marked Cellular Data Editing ON/OFF Switch, it should be off at this time, turn it on.

    Now go all the way back to the settings Main Menu, and go to General> Network> Cellular Data Network>

    And now you should be able to edit everything to your liking.

    After editing everything you need to, go back to Winterboard and disable Supreme Preferences (For Safety)

    hit the home button and your phone will restart/respiring again.

    once you are the main screen again go back to Settings and confirm Supreme Preferences is no longer showing in your setting menu.

    and you should be done, Do not uninstall Supreme Preferences because if you are on 4.1 every so often you need to go back into Cellular Data Network and change some thing and sometimes it disappears out or the setting menu so you may need to Re-Enable Supreme Preferences again.

    Again a warning do not mess with any other settings, you will screw up your iPhone, Use the app for nothing else but enabling Cellular Data Network Tab.

    P.S. if you need any help PM me.......
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    Xsellize gives me errors when downloading. Need another option.

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    add to for TetherMe APN Editing from insanelyi because theres one from BigBoss too...install go to setting an the cellular settings tab should be there

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    I was in this same situation and what finally worked for me was installing a carrier bundle and tmobile iPCC.. And make sure you reboot anytime you change your apn

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    SSH to your Device (or you can use iFile) and locate to

    [System/Libraray/Carrier Bundles/ (YOUR CARRIER).bundle/carrier]

    in this case TMobile_us.bundle and edit yoru carrier.plist (make sure to back it up incase you mess it up). After the line:

    <plist version="1.0">


    the following line after should be <key>CarrierName</key>

    save it, and reboot your phone and VOILA cellular data network tab should pop right up it worked for me and should work for you as well.

    i did this with an iphone4 4.2.1 baseband 01.59.00

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