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Thread: FACETIME - Mitime Question (T-Mobile US)

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    Default FACETIME - Mitime Question (T-Mobile US)
    My FaceTime still doesn't work. I'm still on 4.0, tmobile USA and I'm still looking for a solution. I know there is MiTime, but is there any free alternative? Isn't FaceTime on 4.1 done through email now? And if I paid the $5.99 for MiTime, would I have to pay again if I go get my iPhone 4 replaced at the apple store?

    Any help would be appreciated!

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    4.1 did not add email activation for iphone 4, just ipod touch 4g so that won't help. I would say go for the mitime, it should get it working. As far as the replacement question I am not sure that sounds like a question for the developer of mitime, pushfix. You may want to follow him on twitter and ask to see what he says.

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    Yes If u replace ur iPhone u can still activate it, it registered with ur phone number. You can activate 3 times before u have to pay again.

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    So FaceTime through email isn't on 4.1 for sure on the iPhone 4? And will I be charged for using FaceTime like I previously was when I turned FaceTime ON in settings? Or does the $5.99 fee for mitime cover that for tmobile?

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    Ur only charged for 2 msgs, 1 sent and 1 received. So 40 cents. After that your not charged unless you activate it again.

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    Ok so the total will come out to about $6.40 for me to get FaceTime working on tmobile through MiTime. So every time I use FaceTime I won't be charged extra? The 40 cents was just a one time activation fee right?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Waleed786 View Post
    Ur only charged for 2 msgs, 1 sent and 1 received. So 40 cents. After that your not charged unless you activate it again.

    so you only get charged once for activating facetime on tmobile then after that it works without being charged?

    let me know if i understand you correctly

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    Yup that's exactly right, there's only a one time charge to activate, no more after that UNLESS you turn off FaceTime and turn it on again. It will charge u everytime u press that switch. $6.40 one time fee is correct

    The only reason people were charged so much before was because FaceTime was trying to contact the server to activate. Once activated, it does NOT need to contact the server, so you will not be charged, even after a reboot/respiring. (restoring is a different story, because it WILL charge you again then)

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    By the way, mitime raised it's pricing to $7.99. I'm not going to do mitime because FaceTime is a feature I'm sure that's somehow going to be fixed for unofficial carriers or a free fix on cydia should come soon.

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    Really? Good thing I bought mine early then haha, anyways iPod activates FaceTime via email so i think once the jailbreak is released, dev's might be able to port that onto the iPhone so it can activate the same way...just a thought

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    Ya that's exactly what I was thinking. I'm pretty sure the email method is some how going to be ported to the iPhone once 4.1 is jailbroken. If not, I guess I'll have to do the $7.99 MiTime lol.

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    MiTime is 5.99 for 1 phone at the moment. When it sends out the activation request it actually does it to a local # in the US so you no longer get those long distance sms charges as long as you don't remove the app so there shouldn't be any other additional charges besides the 5.99 you paid up front unless you were trying to activation prior to getting MiTime.

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