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Thread: T-Mobile MMS Messaging WITHOUT Data Plan?

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    Default T-Mobile MMS Messaging WITHOUT Data Plan?
    I have been reading through a lot of threads...but it seems the majority of the people have data plans. I want to know if there are any solutions solving my MMS problem without a data plan. And for people who might suggest turning data on, etc... won't that cost me money since I don't have a plan?

    Here are my stats with problem:
    iPhone Model: 3GS, running iOS 4.0
    Voice Plan: Individual 500
    Data Plan: None
    SMS: Unlimited
    Time with T-Mobile: 2 days
    Problem: I cannot send MMS. I do not have data plan. I don't know if this is the problem or not.

    Can someone PLEASE help me. I keep reading about cellular bundles, and patches, etc. but I really have no idea what any of this means. If someone would be generous enough to post a step by step for my particular situation (t-mobile without data), I would be forever grateful. Right now, all I know how to do is change the cellular data info in my iphone, but my message never sends. The bar goes almost to the end, pauses, and then I get the red exclamation mark. Please. If anyone could help me it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

    I am going to bed now as it is 3 in the morning here but I really hope someone can give me a step by step direction on how I can enable my MMS without a data plan and without enabling 3g. I am really hoping someone can help me out. Thank you so much in advance.
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    I don't know if you have to have data for MMS. I have data and I kept getting the same thing you describe. I reset the cellular data,rebooted twice, went to the unlockit site which let's you download a profile and then went back in to the setting and manually added in the MMS settings. It still didn't work and then I added in cydia push fix Nd now my MMS works. There are also some free texting apps that let you MMS on wifi.

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    You must have data to send and receive MMS which costs extra. You can send pictures to the recipients "10 digit phone number@their carrier", using your phone email application over WIFI.

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    Quote Originally Posted by happyjack54 View Post
    You must have data to send and receive MMS which costs extra. You can send pictures to the recipients "10 digit phone number@their carrier", using your phone email application over WIFI.
    you don't need data plane to use MMS long you have SMS (text plane )will work just fine.

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    there is no reason why MMS shouldnt work without a data plan - you just need to make sure you download the appropriate mms fix package from cydia (pushfix's works for me) and then go into cellular data settings and enter the appropriate information

    btw if you are missing cellular data settings, i found that removing my sim, then installing the "carrier reset fix" from pushfix, then reinserting my sim made the cellular data settings tab show up again

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    You do not need a data plan to send MMS. I don't have a data plan and I am able to send MMS just fine, without incurring any extra "data-plan-less" fees. Remember, phones used to be able to send MMS long before they were able to access the internet. These two can get mixed up though because both require APNs; one APN is needed for web access and another is needed for MMS.

    You cannot send MMS, not because of your lack of a data plan, but because you most likely haven't set up your phone for it.

    I installed the T-Mobile standard carrier package, located here, and after rebooting my iPhone I was successfully able to send MMS. If that doesn't work for you, try this.

    Hope it helps you!

    P.S. Since you are like me and do not have a data plan, I highly suggest you installing some things to help disable data on your phone or else you will incur an extra fee on your bill of $2/MB. Check out and install that profile; go to Cydia, install SBSettings, then turn off the EDGE toggle; and/or install EDGE & data disabler found on Cydia. I'm a bit of an excessive paranoid so I have installed all of the above and my data usage has not gone up since.
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    I can confirm that you do not need data plan for MMS to work. I am currently on an iPhone 3GS with T-Mobile. I have a family text messaging plan only. Sending and receiving MMS works at no extra charge.

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    Right, as above people said, MMS is part of Text Messaging.

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    bump.. i'm trying to do the same here. everytime i disable the 'data' with SBSettings i cannot receive mms (pictures) until i turn it back on

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    yeah im having hte same issue as the above poster

    When i turn cellular data on, i can send pics, but cant recieve any

    When I turn off cellular data, i get the red exclamation mark

    Any ideas??

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