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Thread: T-Mobile Sim Card Not Working!!

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    i've replaced the digitizer, which required cracking it open but this looks like it may be easier since you don't have to break all the adhesive. i didn't pay much attention to where the sim reader was so i'm not sure what all it encompasses other than removing the two screws and opening it.

    iPhone 3G Teardown - iFixit

    It's on the logicboard and requires desoldering the old and soldering the new. One thing to consider is buying the part and taking it to a local cell phone repair shop and seeing if they'll do it and just pay labor.

    Or email this guy.

    Well I looked through that tutorial and it actually looks fairly simple if you know how to solder. Removing the two screws and the three cables should give you access to the sim reader. Granted desoldering a re-soldering is a different story (unless you already know how to do it). If you are comfortable with just opening it you could at least check if one of the 6 pins is missing to try to diagnose the problem

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    That looks scary for me. I just don't trust I could crack this thing open and not damage something.
    Well something is already damaged so unless you're going to pay someone else to do it it may be beneficial to try it yourself...ya know?
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    The plot thickens...

    Tried my friend's TMo SIM again. It works like a charm. Gets a TMobile signal, made and received a call, received a text. Everything works beautifully.

    So, I'm starting to have a new theory. So far AT&T SIMs and one TMobile SIM of the four I've tried will work. The key is that on the ones that have worked, including the TMo one, they all have smartphones with data plans. The three TMo SIMs that don't work do not have data plans. I'm wondering if TMobile has changed some setting or if I'm missing some setting that is keeping the SIM from being recognized. I think I'm going to call TMobile customer service and see if there's something they are doing or that I need to do that might get my SIM working again.

    EDITED TO ADD UPDATE: Well TMo didn't have any answers. I just don't understand what's going on.
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    id ask them for a new sim card and change it out in the store and see if it works with the new one

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    Yeah, I did that already. Day before yesterday. The new SIM doesn't work either.

    I guess I'm going to leave it this way until 4.1 comes out and the JB and unlocks are released for it. Version 4.1 is supposed to address the slowness 3G owners experienced. If it doesn't work after that, I'll likely just restore it to a regular AT&T phone, verify it works with multiple AT&T SIM cards and then just sell it on eBay or something with the caveat that I wasn't able to get an unlock to work with TMobile.

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    If I were you I'd leave the caveat out...just sell it as a locked iPhone 3G. Used items are buyer beware and you aren't selling it as being unlocked so don't mention it.

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