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Thread: HOW TO: Roll your own proxy and browse on EDGE for FREE

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    Wink HOW TO: Roll your own proxy and browse on EDGE for FREE
    How to...and a quick public service announcement.

    I setup my own proxy on my own host for browsing and it works I thought I would let everyone know how it is done. In another thread, there is a proxy host that already offers free browsing on edge. Since I am a privacy/security nut though I wanted to host my own proxy on my own host, so I could make sure my data is safe.

    Not that I don't necessarily trust this free proxy host - but remember kids - ANY traffic passing along through a proxy can be logged and monitored including passwords, cookies - ANYTHING that is passing through the proxy can be logged. And the proxy script that they are using stores your browsing cookies on their server by default.

    What do they do with all that data?

    I don't see a privacy policy - do you?

    Just saying.

    Anyways if you have a webhost that allows php5 and curl (which most hosts do - hostgator, etc) - you can host your own proxy and it will bypass the tmobile web2go block and let you browse pretty much wherever you want.

    Here's what you do:

    1.Download glype (Glype)
    2. Make a folder on your server that is called tmobile
    3. Copy the files over from the glype zip into the tmobile folder
    4. Follow the install instructions that come with glype and enjoy free internet! Easy!

    Glype doesn't work for everything - gmail, youtube isn't working, but overall most sites work ok.

    Feel free to share! Enjoy!
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    Any ideas for a free server? thanks

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    A free host with php and curl support is probably hard to find, but if you look around you can get a decent shared hosting account starting around $5.00.

    Or if you really wanted to, you could setup a LAMP server at home and run your proxy off of that. Of course most ISP's block port 80, but there are ways to get around blocking issues.

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    Oh okay. That's too complicated for me, haha. So what are the free proxys we can use, I'm okay with unsafe data because I'll only be using ESPN and CNN.

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    Yeah free sites like are not a big deal...Just stay away from online banking...filing your taxes etc...LOL.

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    I use this: - THE FREE SOLUTION TO iPhone data on T-Mobile! with my sidekick prepaid plan and it works great. Prolly off the same concept as this idea. I played with the APN on my pay as you go account and was not successful. I can confirm that YouTube and most apps work great with this guide and sidekick plan.

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    how can i enable cURL and PHP on my server? I'm running apache. thanks.

  8. #8 is a great free server works perfectly really fast has cpanel and php with curl it also allows 100 gb bandwidth so don't worry about data limits it also has no forced ads but it has a subdomain which is usually easy it changes a lot but I've had comuv

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    Can anybody confirm that any of these websites would work for free internet?

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    I used to do the sidekick proxy setup, but since Tmobile killed the $1 a day sidekick plan it doesn't work anymore. If there is a new way to get it up and running I'd love to know.

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    Default A little more info
    Quote Originally Posted by MrWHOx View Post
    how can i enable cURL and PHP on my server? I'm running apache. thanks.
    Are you using a mac pc or linux... if your are on a mac cURL i think should all ready be installed and activated, most apache server packages that are installed on your machine come with php5 and apache.... if you are on a mac what version are you running... also if you are on a mac go to finder (click on your desktop) then use the keystroke apple(command) shift and g, this should bring up a window with a text box a go button and cancel button, if that doesnt work just go to the go dropdown menu and click go to folder, type in /etc/apache2 , open a file called httpd.conf , your going to look for this line #LoadModule php5_module libexec/apache2/ erase the # save the file to your desktop and go back to the apache2 folder if you closed that window on the desktop go to the go menu go to folder type in /etc/apache2 when your there select all the files and crtl click them or right click and go to get info look for the httpd.conf window click that scroll down amd click the lock button in the lower right corner and type in your password, in the permissions area look for everyone and click read only and select read and right, now take that httpd.conf file thats on your desktop and replace the httpd.conf thats in the apache2 folder with the one on your desktop, now you have enabled php

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