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Thread: Edge doesnt work with my unlocked iphone 4

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    see the link i just posted above..

    i have tzones tmobile usa..

    i tried the usa-standard but didnt work and used the tzones.ipcc one and its working perfectly even though there is no cell data network selection to edit the sites but who cares if it works!! lol

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    yup follow my instructions! it the best sure way to get your edge and mms working!! i think the iphone4 works best when there is no cellular data tab .. since the design was made like that.

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    it means that if u want to have mms working, you must have data plan with tmobile, right?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kalpit210 View Post
    ok so my edge has been behaving for past day or so.. here is what i noticed and i'm not sure if it actually is correlated.

    but when my "notifications" are on under settings -- edge works fine.
    If i turn my notifications off, the edge stops working within an hour or so.

    for those of you, whose edge isn't working, are your notifications off?
    Thanks for making this observation.
    My edge would stop working if I reboot. And then I would have to reinsert sim for it to start working again.
    But now it seems that having notifications ON somehow helps to always keep the EDGE connection active, even after reboot.
    Everyone with edge problems should try with Notifications on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by boostinfd View Post
    I got a temp fix... Maybe. Take out the sim card with the cell on... Put it back in. Wait till it finds t-mobile, then try it. Worked for me. My apn is: Face time is off...

    Try it.
    Dude, your temp fix helped me out for sure, your a life saver. I was really beginning to get frustrated with my iPhone 4. So once again, mine works, and my apn is:

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    will the battery drain if i have edge on as well as wifi at the same time or will the battery go down as if i only had wifi on. My problem is that i have to have edge turned on for MMS to work.

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