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Thread: T-Mobile WebtoGo not working

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    Default T-Mobile WebtoGo not working
    I am subscribed to T-Mobile's webtogo unlimited web plan. I just got a unlocked 3gs phone but unfortunately, the internet is not working. What settings do I need to edit in order for the internet to work? Please help. I am a brand new iphone user. Thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by invisible03 View Post
    iOS4 missing cellular data network tab FIX*
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    1. Open cydia and install winterboard
    2. add source: http://cydia.xsellize dot com

    3. Search Supreme Preferences 3.0 and install
    4. Open winterboard
    5. check it off the supreme preference tab and respring
    6. Then go to settings
    7. click supreme preferences tab and go to applications, than go to phone.
    8. Cellular data tab: On
    9. Click home, than settings
    10. General, network, and it should be their.


    Quote Originally Posted by pogijeffrey View Post
    no need to instal anything. just go to ur network settings and go to cellular data network. under cellular data on the APN field input thats it..
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    I tried both methods but still no luck. Everytime I open Safari, I get the message "subscription upgrade required." Can anyone tell me the exact Cellular Data Network settings (APN, Username, etc.) I need to enter for internet to work? Thanks.

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    i have unlimited web2go on my 3g. i use for apn, no user no pass. it's 1:00PM eastern time and my data is working.

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    Quote Originally Posted by blackhaT View Post
    it's 1:00PM eastern time and my data is working.
    2pm now for me and i'm the 5.99 t-zoned. i'm surfing (sort of) on edge.
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    Thanks blackhaT. Your post was really helpful. I have some additional questions for you. Do you have 3G enabled? Also, what are the required settings for MMS and Internet Tethering? Thanks.

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    No, keep 3G OFF, have cellular data and data roaming ON. here's my mms:

    hope this helps, lemme know if you need anything else

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    Thanks a lot blackhaT. You were very helpful.

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    I found that I misspell the internet2 code wrong after reading this thread. My internet is working well.
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