I don't know if I'm right here. I'm with tmobile Germany.

Here is my problem (my iPhone 3GS 3.1.3) I'm relocating from Germany to the USA and neither tmobile nor apple are willing to tell me if they can unlock my phone so I can use it with tmobile USA. Why tmobile USA to avoid high breach of contract fees. Is there anyway for me to force either apple or tmobile to unlock my phone?

I called apple and they were like no tmobile unlocks them we don't lock phones. And yes you guessed it if you call tmobile they say the right opposite. Now one of their goons told me they have done 3GS unlocks in situations like that. Everytime else they acted like complete idiots. And I'm waiting on an email response and Twitter on them what's now like 48h old. So I assume they won't get back to me unless I bother them some more.

Without an unlock it's like an ipad nano and rather useless.

If anyone has an idea what I can do that be awesome.