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Thread: Sidekick Prepaid Plan

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    Default Sidekick Prepaid Plan
    Hey, I figured I'd create a new topic about this since the other ones I've seen are about 7 months old.
    Is there anyway to get internet on your iphone with the SK plan?
    So far, I have seen this site:
    You basically have to buy a plan from them to be able to unlock the sidekick internet on the iphone.
    Then I found this site:
    He tells you how to create a server on your home pc and connect your iPhone to it and use a proxy.
    I have not tried any of the above, but I just want to see what you all think of about it.
    Are there any other alternatives than the two listed above?

  2. #2 discusses VPN, Proxy Server, and (Paid Proxy Server).

    There seems to be varying success with some methods. I found that switching to the Sidekick plan gave me email access. On another note, on the standard voice prepaid gives me some free web access without switching plans.
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    The Ifailhard site seems pretty neat to be honest; getting data without a data plan. It seems unreliable, but with something like that you really cannot complain.
    I was thinking about trying out freeiphonesidekick site to see how well that works.
    I cant do anything right now, my 3gs (bought on ebay) is unactivated, 3.1.3 FW, 05.12.01 BB. How much worse can it get lol. Hopefully with WWDC tomorrow, 4.0 will be released sometime this week, allowing me to get my 3gs up and running.
    How exciting

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    Good luck - Heard lots of problems with 3GS.

    I need a more temporary solution than the Proxy method and always Sidekick. I need access just for the few times I don't have WiFi. I read about VPN and SSH methods. Plan to try.

    I'm continuing to explore what data access is available with the prepaid voice APN (t-zones). I found the free Redbox APP (DVD rental) works without WiFi -- but SLOOOW. Interesting though, when you search for a Redbox you can get a google map.
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