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Thread: iTunes removed apps from my phone

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    Default iTunes removed apps from my phone
    First, here's the details:

    Windows 7 running iTunes Phone is 1st generation and is jailbroken and unlocked; being used with T-Mobile running iPhone OS 3.0(7A341). This is also a previously used iPhone that I purchased from a friend. I'm not sure if this iPhone is listed as one of my devices with my iTunes account.

    After being stuck in Afghanistan for four months without the ability to get my phone on the internet there I decided to finally install all the application updates that had accrued over that time.

    I plugged the phone into the computer and it synchronized just fine the first time (I think). But then I selected the option to synchronize applications and then it sync'd again. This time it came up and said that my computer was no longer authorized and it asked for my iTunes password. I entered it and then it told me that it was still no authorized and that I needed to either deauthorize other computers (which I don't know which other computers I could have possibly authorized) or I had to deauthorize the one that I was using. After several attempts to authorize the one I was using and failing I chose to deauthorize it. The phone then proceeded to remove a very large portion of applications (but not all) from my phone.

    Ever since the phone has been constantly requesting me to enter my iTunes password but when I enter it, it doesn't help. I don't get any of my apps back nor do I think it's updating any of the applications that had remained on it.

    I'm not sure what to do at this point. Does anyone know of a way to see which computers have been authorized and then deauthorize them without having physical access to them? A while back I gave one of my computers to my brother that I had previously used and never deauthorized it. There might be other computers out there that have been authorized on my account that I don't have access to. Is there a way to deauthorize any computers that I'm not familiar with? If I reload the OS and re-jailbreak it, etc. will it solve the authorization problem I'm having? From what I understand, I should have the ability to authorize 5 computers per year on my account. When does the year restart? This was shortly after the start of this year that this occurred. There's no way that I could have authorized 5 computers already this year.

    Anyway, that's my sob story. Anyone got any advice they can offer?

    Thanks ahead of time.

    Okay, well I think I might have fixed my problems. I found out how to deauthorize all the computers on my account. I've then reauthorized the one that I'm using. Now it appears that everything is being restored. I kind of wish I'd know which computers they were that were authorized on my account.
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