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Thread: Ps3 and xbox 360 on tmobile edge !

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    Default Ps3 and xbox 360 on tmobile edge !
    Thats right , I know it sounds crazy but it works ! I found myself stranded out in the boon docks in a house that made me feel like i went back in time . I enter the house and what do i see ..... nothing. Ok im here for 2 days and now im paniced, because i cant stand to be bored .I see they have no computers ,luckily I brought my laptop! which I recently reinstalled windows 7 on my brand new hard drive so i have no good anything.I walk in the living room there on the wall I see a nice big hdtv , great because i brought my ps3 !No wireless any where ! so I look to the ( in my opinion )the best phone in the world ! lol, the iPhone. Enough of me runnin my mouth lets get to the point !
    *I currently have a iphone 3g 16gb on 3.1.2 jailbroken must be jail broken !. I have tmobile 5.99 tzones which i am grandfathered in on my plan.(those who wonder this is the same as the 19.99 and 24.99 plans so if u have tzones i wouldnt change , but thats me.I Use Mywi for tethering because i like it because you dont need anything on your cpu to use it .Pdanets good but i havent used that since the trial expired and you have to install the desktop pdanet as well, but i had to buy Mywi ! (great app). If you have theses things Yes you can use your iphone for a connection to the internet for both your 360 and ps3 on automatic network in there connection settings.I noticed its not blazing fast but messages and all the normal features work even home ,store, and mines even updated ! ( i know about the other os thing being gone i just didnt care , I have a mac and pc lol .The internet gameplay is on off but not really what id say this is intended for ,maybe it would be better on a 3g network that unfortunately from what i understand tmobiles 3g and iphones 3g mismatch with there signal and receiver to make this simple and short.

    instructions for windows 7. (works even better with a router because you wont have to unhook the cable, tried it on my linksys router when i got home.)If your using a router make sure the consoles your using this for are off but connected to the router and the router to the cpu your using with the iphone tethering.If your not using a router make sure your system is on and hooked up to the computers Ethernet port with the network cord(this will still be local area connection(1) later on.

    * Turn on your computer , Right click on your network icon in the far right of the taskbar , then click open network and sharing center. Then in the sharing center click change adapter settings.You should have a home connection,the default label is local area connection which is your computers nic or network card.While thats still open connect your iphone to the computer in usb tether mode.Open your internet browser of choice , make sure you have a connection and close .(make sure not to close the network window throughout this entire process. )After you close the browser and you have a connection you should see a new icon in the network window default labeled Local area connection 2 and or apple mobile device ethernet, and for some pdanet i beleive ?.Now right click on the apple mobile device Ethernet and click the allow internet sharing, then ok, still not closing the network window.Now check to see if you still have a internet connection by opening your preferred internet browser and going to a website, if you still have internet don't close the browser, if you don't have internet then go back to the network window that should still be open and right click on local area connection 1 and click disable , then check to see if you have internet again leaving the network window open. Everyone should have the internet at this point with the window open to any webpage of choice.Minimize it but dont close it .If you had to disable local area connection 1 enable it.Then holding ctrl click local area connection 1 one time then the apple mobile ethernet , they should both be highlighted , then right click and Bridge connections.You will then get a third network icon called network bridge.Now go back to the web browser and go to another web page to make sure you still have a connection to the internet, If you do power on your system and boom your on the internet !.If you dont , i noticed sometimes you have to just right click on local area connection 1 and disable it and check for internet in web browser, after u get a web page, enable the local area connection again and return to the web browser as it enables and refresh the page while its enabling, then that will make it work.If you try this and do it right it will work , If it works for you let me know. Like i said again i know its not the fastest but if and when your ever in a situation , this is a move you can make , on the greatest phone , the iphone , and the greatest network, with 5.99 tzones Tmobile !!! enjoy

    *Note if you have further connection problems right click on the local area connection 1 icon and diagnose , it might be the dns is off and it will turn it back on automatically.if the problem presist do the same to the local area connection 2 apple mobile device ethernet .

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    UPDATE : If you have the new slim xbox 360 , Mywi will actually let you connect to xboxlive and also let you play online all off your iphone.Simply open mywi , create a wifi name ,activate wireless , then connect xbox to that wireless signal youve just created.Then thats it ! I am still on tzones ,Yet playing halo reach is exactly the same on my isp at home.This will not work for ps3 ..... you can connect to psn but the games rarley work, actually ive seen none really work.But xbox your ready to go ! enjoy.

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