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Thread: Am I the Only one without web2go?

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    Default Am I the Only one without web2go?
    I try to get web2go. I'm so heated right now. and he ended session on me. read below....

    Please wait while we find an agent to assist you...
    You have been connected to _Alex R.

    _Alex R: Hi Gian , welcome to T-Mobile live Chat. Iím _Alex and I will be happy to assist you. Please give me a moment to review your question.

    Gian Yi: hello ok

    _Alex R: Thank you for holding, Gian.

    _Alex R: I understand that you would like to change your web features that you are using at this time.

    Gian Yi: yes, i want to switch it to web2go. I had it before, it's $20 for unlimited data/text

    _Alex R: Do you mind if I ask if you switched phones or anything like that?

    Gian Yi: no. I had a iPhone once before, and they put web2go on my account

    _Alex R: Which phone are you currently using?

    Gian Yi: I'm using the iPhone, which is stated in my account

    _Alex R: You won't be able to use the web2go because the Iphone requires Smartphone web to work.

    Gian Yi: no it doesn't. I'm apart of many forums and t-mobile forums. and all t-mobile web run on the same edge service for iPhones

    _Alex R: I have went through extensive training and the Smartphone web is designed specifically for that phone the web2go is for basic handsets.

    _Alex R: Trust me when I tell you this information is correct and I am a trained thoroughly with situations like this.

    Gian Yi: put on my account that I'm using a non-smartphone, and set me up with web2go. trust me, its what all the other employees have done for me, and it worked perfectly

    _Alex R: Then the other employees were wrong for doing this and if I did this right now I would be in direct violation of my job which could lead to me getting fired or written up.

    _Alex R: I can't give you a non-smartphone web package for a phone that requires Smartphone.

    Gian Yi: it doesn't require Smartphone service!! This is my third iPhone and I've been with t-mobile for many many years. and I know that it doesn't need that service.

    _Alex R: Gian, I regret to hear that you were allowed service with a feature that was never meant to work with a Iphone.

    _Alex R: I can't make this change because I know it is not what you need and I would simply be getting myself in trouble.

    Gian Yi: there are over 8000 people on the forums with t-mobile web2go on their iPhones

    _Alex R: I have correctly answered your question today and provided you with the information you need. At this time I will not be able to review this further however I will answer any further questions you have.

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    What are you doing!!! I've said a thousand times to not mention the iPhone! They're obviously not going to add it if you tell them that! SWITCH your sim card to a dumbphone, leave it on for a while. Try again. DO NOT mention the iPhone, and less these forums! Web2go is all a glitch for us to be using which can be taken away at any moment by people saying where they get their info from. Come on, seriously if you read the way you write saying "other employees" are doing illegal things, you're just calling for trouble.

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    go to the website and switch it yourself. Just choose a phone like the razr and you'll be good to go.

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    Why why why, would you ever tell them you are using the iPhone?

    When he asked: have you switched phones , you say: yes, I just got a razr.

    Why are you mad? Because a t-mobile employee followed the rules? Why should he break the rules for you? Does he owe you something?

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