I have a 3g Iphone running on Tmobile, with
Iblacklist installed
I the last two months I have had problems
with my Iphone,
1. happen about 6 weeks ago, when all incoming
calls got a busy signal, tried to get help
from Tmobile thinking it was there problem,
turned out that after I tweaked some iBlacklist
switches, the busy signal ended, and i could
receive calls.
2. a week ago, all my calls went right into
voice mail.
I have since, taken iBlacklist out, but this
did not change the problem.
I tried the gms codes, but get an error
message saying "error performing request, NO
network service."
" Setting Deactivation Failed, voice call
forwarding on all calls"
Does anyone Know what I am either doing
wrong, or is it that I need to be on a
Tmobile network "wifi" to do this.
this is all the info I can give, I'm in
the US.