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Thread: Advice For T-Mobile on Future iPhone

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    Default Advice For T-Mobile on Future iPhone
    So I'm going to get an iPhone 3g or 3g(s) within the next month or two, and I was going to jailbreak and unlock. I was also thinking of going with T-Mobile for service. What is the best plan to use if I want calling,texting,and data/internet.

    Thanks in Advance

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    I'm with T-Mobile and I'm just using their 5.99 plan. Everything works really well on my phone as far as Internet/Data go. I think thats the best option for you.

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    For calling, texting, and data you can choose any of their minute plans then add on the Unlimited web + Unlimited Messages for $19.99, also known as the web2go with messaging feature. That would probably be the best possible option if you want texting as well.

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    pick your plan and add tzones 9.99 package thats all you need

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    ^ what sotexcustomz said but get your voice plan first then add the tzones. one thing at a time.
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    Make sure it's on 3.0 or 3.1 JB'd with the correct baseband before you buy.

    If you do a moderate amount of talking the 1000 minutes and unlimited nights and weekends should be good enough. Or the 600 minutes MyFaves.



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    just to let you know tmobile has went up on data plans the web2go with unlimited messages is now 34.99 all unlimited data plans are 34.99 now

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    Best way to circumvent it I guess. We're all grandfathered tho!

    Well wait girlfren, it's still 9.99 and 19.99. Those more expensive plans have always been there..
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