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Thread: Maybe this will help some people.

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    Default Maybe this will help some people.
    I see alot of repeat questions popping up in this forum, and just wanted to share how I got signed up with T-mobile using just my iPhone and no other phone.

    I bought an iPhone 3g from a friend of mine, and jailbroke/unlocked it running firmware 3.0.1 (7A400)

    I just really wanted internet on it, and decided to try out AT&T gophone data. $50 and three weeks later, I realized that I would need more than the measly 100MB they give with the $25 option. So, I opted for T-mobile, because I had read that their data plan was $20 cheaper than the iphone data plan through AT&T.

    Doing some research I found the flexpay 300 minutes with my faves was the way to go, adding the web2go option. I chose the myfaves option because I can make outgoing calls free just by using my google voice number as one of my faves. I was a little hesitant to bring my iPhone into a store and tell them that I wanted the we2go option, fearing that I would be shot down.

    I looked around town, and to my surprise there was no T-mobile store in my area. I then called up T-mobile, and got hooked up with a really nice representative. I simply told him I wanted 300 minutes with myfaves and web2go. I also asked that they send out a sim card ($12 for the card). All my requests were granted without any question of what phone I was using.

    My sim card arrived a few days later, and I plugged it into my phone, expecting to have to activate the card. But to my surprise receiving and make calls worked the minute I put the sim in the phone. However data was not. I remedied this by downloading a package from cydia following the guide found in this forum:

    In the end, I am paying $58 a month with 300 minutes, free outgoing calls (thanks to google voice), myfaves, and unlimited data. I could add on texting for another $10, but why do that when I have free texting through google voice, which I have sent to my email that has push notifications for the phone.

    Note: I signed up for the service at the end of September, so all web2go data plans should still be working.

    Feel free to ask questions.

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    thanks. stick around cuzz each week we have new people to help out. i was hoping the mods or admins could swap out the stickies or redo some steps but all in all each experience helps the next.

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    I've been with tmo for a few years and as many know from other posts I was able to get Tzones a month or so ago anyhow my set up with the loyalty plans is as follows I run 2 iPhones family time unlimited loyalty plan family time text and tzones on both for 111.00 a month considering my old Unlimted plan on just my line was 99.99 I'm pretty happy
    Thanks to all of you @ Modmyi for all of the help you've provided
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