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Thread: confused??? tmobile prepaid tzone

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    Default confused??? tmobile prepaid tzone
    hey i have an iphone 3gs unlocked and im confused. I want to get internet on the iphone from tmobile and ive been hearing that i can get it for free with tzones hack? is this true? or what can i get thats on prepaid i also heard about tzones 5.99? thanks guys

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    Get Flexpay and the 19.99 Web+Messaging.



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    Quote Originally Posted by GIRLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL View Post
    Get Flexpay and the 19.99 Web+Messaging.
    I just did this yesterday and so far so good. Dunno if i made thr ight move though since the Rep I had told me I could get T-Zones ans messaging but would be better to get Unlimited - I gave in.

    Then I found out about the Sidekick outage and heard they were giving credit. Seeing as how I had JUST changed my plan I thought I was out of luck. Called anyway and told them how I only chaned my plan because my Sidekick wasn't working and they gave me credit for the whole month (keep in mind I haven't been using my Sidekick plan for a little less than a month anyway).

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    thnks. but i wouldnt really need messaging as i have a phone for that.
    i wanted this iphone to use as an ipod and i wanted the web so i could get internet wherevr i go.
    so i just need a plan for data. thnks

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    If you want just data, AT&T has a gophone option you can choose. 100MB for about $25. Look in the AT$T section and see what you can find. I used it for almost a month before realizing I would need about 500MB-1GB to sustain my internet hungry mind. 100MB would be enough use if you are just doing email, IM, etc. T-mobile offers no data plan by itself from what I have read. If you contact AT&T about it though, they will probably just tell you that you need the iPhone plan.

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