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Thread: T-Mobile Faves on iPhone & MMS

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    Default T-Mobile Faves on iPhone & MMS
    So I was told by someone that your five faves dont work on the iphone, is this true? If not, how are they setup? Also, whats the best guide to setup a 2g on MMS, seen way too many posts says it does/doesn't work. Any suggestions? Thanks always given!

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    I've heard of some people with flex pay having issues with myfaves. All you have to do is setup the myfaves online. I'm pretty sure you need a real tmobile phone with myfaves to get it working properly. Just setup myfaves in the tmobile phone, use it for a little bit, double check everything is right online, then use it in your iphone. I'd double check after a week if the minutes your using are actually not being charged. It would suck to get a ridiculous bill because the numbers weren't being counted as free. (which i'm sure if you called customer service they would take care of it)

    This is what i used to enable MMS

    It really simple

    okay i guess that place is illegal on here lol

    PM me if you still can't get mms enabled
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    ^ lolz on the link

    ya for myfav i use the website for changing numbers. works good. it's just recommended from the sale people to buy the phone first because it's easier. but we all know better =)

    i believe the t-moble site has setting for mms. i'll check it later and post a link
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    t-mobile does have the settings on their site, but the thing is we have to trick t-mobile into thinking we have a sony t-mobile phone, so our picture messages come out clear.

    Without the proper settings (no way to set them up from the phone settings itself), t-mobile doesn't know what phone we are using, so they use the lowest possible settings. And the pictures come out like poop lol.

    You can use the carrier bundles posted in their forum, or search a little on google

    Type this into google, and follow the first link
    carrier bundle showthread.php?t=53
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    Myfaves as long as you have it as your plan will work on your iPhone. You have to use the website to manage your numbers but should work in safari.

    There is no way to manage them straight on the phone like the official t-mobile handsets like Mytouch or even the Motorola/Nokia/... (Insert T-Mobile branded phone here)

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    We have a flexpay 400 min myfaves account. myfaves works but in our case we had to use our old nokia phones to accept the update from the website setup before the numbers became active. Still trying to get MMS working with my apn though. will work if both apn's are but I lose data.

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