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Thread: Need help unlocked phone but not sound

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    Default Need help unlocked phone but not sound
    i have the 8g a1203 i unlocked it using firmware i found and it is unlocked for any carried im new to all this jail break stuff
    My problem is no sound on the iphone from ipod or itunes. I know the sound words on the thing i took the ipod appart and plug it into a computer amplified speaker and it worked i went out to walmart bought new ear bud and now no sound also missing the 0 key in the dial out pad although i can acess the 0 from the dial out pad if i call someone first and then use that dial pad

    the phone features are working great but there is not sound playing music i dont understand i get sound with ringers and ring tones but no sounds period from ipod or itunes on the phone or youtube either really would like this fixed

    please e-mail B at if you have a proper fix for me if it works i might even send you a couple bones via paypal its the iphone with gray and black back. 8g a1203

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    If it's a software issues you should just restore it. A restore will usually set things back in place. If it's software unlocked you'll lose the unlock which requires you to jailbreak. You should restore to 3.0 and use redsn0w to jailbreak and unlock it (you have a 2G so the unlock is automatic when you jailbreak with redsn0w). Hit shift+restore (WINDOWS) or option+restore (MAC) after you've downloaded the 3.0 firmware (make sure it's the right one, you're one a 2G so don't go downloading the firmware for the 3GS) which you can find on this site under "downloads" and select that firmware to use. Then download the latest redsn0w and follow the directions.

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    Yah i don't know where you got that firmware file but if you do infact have an iPhone 2G 8GB you need to follow one of the simple guides here on the site and it will take you step by step on how to get the proper firmware and how to get it working and keep the unlock if it was done for you with software.

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