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Thread: AIM with Edge/GPRS

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    Red face AIM with Edge/GPRS
    Hey I'm fustrating so much. So I called T-mobile and i added the apn right so i can use my aim service.

    I dont have internet Plan or Tzone plan, however i have the unlimited txting plans and that allowed me to use my aim thru my tmobile samsung behold because aim was built in.

    anyone know why AIM doesnt work on my Iphone 1st gen (unlocked to 3.0 firmware i believe)

    The Edge comes up the shows and everythign is it because the AIM application im using is cracked and no good? I have AIM, Mobilechat, IM+ but neither can log on to AIM at all this sucks,

    I believe that the behold when i run AIM it runs on 3g but my cuzin has a nokia and he has unlimited txt and uses aim on his phone and his shows a G so i doubt its the 3g network that AIM only runs on...

    Any one can help in figuring out why i cant log into the AIM I have Edge already with for all the info thrown in at once just trying to be detailed as much as possible to get a good feedback if you guys need to knoe n e thing else just let me know

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    AIM uses text messages on normal phones. It is also "mobile" version.
    The iPhone, along with most other internet capable phones, use the internet to run AIM.. If you don't have a data plan T-mobile will not let you use internet.
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    also CRACKED wares are not discussed on this forum.
    But yes iphone apps tend to need the internet to connect.. its kinda like a pc/mac.
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    Darn so i wont be able to use aim unless i have internet wat a bummer...i think i was better off with the behold then...Cuz i didnt need internet to stay connected...and internet wifi y should i bother if im home with my wifi i can just use the laptop easier than figeting with iphone i though i can use edge with AIM cuz when i downloaded the apps it said it workds with wifi 3g edge and i dont see y i need internet i didnt need it for the behold

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    I remember a long time ago since it was the last time i used AIM was that you could use AIM through texting. You had to set up your AIM account somehow to use your phone number to send the texts to and you always had to reply a certain way so the AIM system could do it right...

    Wait i think i found it... try this.
    Its a little weird to use but its the only option I can think of for the iPhone if you have unlimited texts and no data.
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    That link i knoe what your talking about but u see i had to do that to first allow it on my phone after that i was able to use aim application on the samsung behold now when i send the txt from iphone it says error as a regular txt i don tknoe why and it doesnt even launch the aim app its self

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    its not supposed to launch the aim app since it works through texts

    youre supposed to use messages as in texts in the iphone and you have to set your number on aim for the option to work
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    yes i noe its suppose to work thru txt but txt is limited to numbers with AIM i can send txts or IM my buddies on AIM

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    The only way you are going to be able to use any AIM "app" is with data. Just about all the IM apps use data. UNLESS someone makes an app that would do texts its not going to work any other way. And the way things are going with the phone I think its a pretty good chance no one is going to make it. And heck if you can get someone to create a Cydia app for it then lucky you.

    Sorry you may have to bite the bullet and get some kind of cheap data plan to use the AIM app

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    There are some TZones hacks out there (proxy) that allow you to access the web without a plan. You could try that and go to I don't know how well that would work though... but it seems like you don't wanna buy a plan for data. Lol it wouldn't hurt to try I guess. Just search Tzones hack here on mmi if you really want to try to get around getting a data plan.

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