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Thread: Tethering gone wrong! HELP!

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    Default Tethering gone wrong! HELP!
    Hi Everyone.

    Newbie here with a problem...

    I have a jailbroken iPhone (1st generation) running 2.?? software (not sure which version, you'll see why).

    I was following instructions to set-up tethering (see below) and downloaded iPhone Modem zsrelay. Relaunched the Springboard and went on to step 2 which says to go to Setting. I assume this is Setting button on the over iPhone, so I clicked it. And it crashed. And CRASHED again. Restart the phone. CRASH. Back to Cydia to uninstall iPhone Modem zsrelay. Still CRASH. Restart phone. STILL CRASH.

    Everything else seems to work as normal. But I can't get into the iPhone settings at all.

    Please, does anybody know what I can do to fix?


    ===The Instructions I Was Using===

    1. Once you're jailbroken, open up Cydia and install the package called "iPhone Modem zsrelay" - you can find it by searching "modem." Also install OpenSSH - find it by searching "SSH." BossPrefs is also recommended, so you can make sure SSH is running.

    2. Download the helper app and run it, and go to "Settings..." under the little iPhone icon that just appeared in the status bar.

    3. Fill in the following fields:

    IP-Address of Mac: Leave the default value (
    Password of Mac: Your admin password
    WLAN Name: The name of the ad-hoc network that will be created - your choice
    WLAN Password: It must be 13 characters-your choice as long as it's 13
    SOCKS Port: Leave default (9999)
    iPhone root Password: alpine (as long as you're running 2.x firmware)
    iPhone Mac Address: Found under Settings - General - About - make sure you use the wi-fi MAC address.

    4. Once your config is saved, go to "start connection" and follow the prompts. Your Mac will create an ad-hoc network, which you will then join with your iPhone (make sure you get an IP address on your iPhone before continuing). Everything should go smoothly, and voila, you're tethered!


    I just tried updating the packages ("Essential Upgrade") when you launch Cydia. Didn't help.

    Trying doing a standard Sync from iTunes (updating music) and that didn't solve the problem either.

    I really don't want to have to restore. And wouldn't even know where to begin with that process. Anyone have ideas of what to try?
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    Completely Restore and Jailbreak/Unlock once again.

    And Tethering? I dont think you can tether on 2G phones.

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