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Thread: IPhone 2G has the Dead Strip

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    Default IPhone 2G has the Dead Strip - Tmobile User - Bring to Apple Store?
    Many of you might have had this issue or know about it. My Iphone bottom part does not work anymore. I can unlock it from wake, but I cannot press the Call, Ipod etc - whatever is in the Dock at the bottom of the screen I cannot access. This is the so called "Dead Strip". Something to do with the Digitizer I believe.

    My question is and I hope someone had tried this already. I have Tmobile on my phone and its unlocked. But I heard if I bring it to the Apple store, they would replace my iphone even though its out of warranty because its a service call or recall of both 2G and 3G. Now I know I cannot bring my iphone in the apple store with it unlocked showing Tmobile . But If I have my friend, who has ATT with an iphone, to take his sim card out and put it in mine, will it work? Will they take his sim card and throw it away and give him a new one when they replace my phone?

    If anyone knows that answer or has done this, please let me know, thanks.
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    No, Apple wont replace it. There is no "recall" on the digitizer. They were extending the warranty SLIGHTLY on the 2g due to digi issues...but your phone is way to old for even that.

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    That's ok, I tried it last night with my friend's sim card. Before that though I restored my iphone to virginize it, but didnt realize it was stuck in recovery mode when I popped in my friends sim. So off to Apple with Att Sim in my iphone. Had the same girl who told me the day before that "your iphone is jailbroken/unlocked and we cant support it" help me again, luckily she did not recognize me from the day before . Told my issue, she stated that my phone was in recovery mode, which I knew...she took my phone and hooked it to Itunes, went through the process of getting it back to normal. I asked as it was restoring, what is the outcome of the issue with the dead strip or digitizer, she told me that you would get a replacement. So it is true, you would get a replacement. After the restore, she said she needed the number of the sim, I knew it and gave it to her. Then she wanted the last 4 digits of the social and billing zip code to activate the sim...that is where I stopped.

    1. I didnt want to jeopardize my friends Sim
    2. I made an excuse that I dont feel comfortable putting my social in their Macs. So I said I'll just do the recovery at home.

    She gave me my phone back and I said "F" this, I dont have any contract with Tmobile, I'll just have to get sucked into AT&T and buy a new iphone.

    So end of story, I bought a new 3G iphone, Not the 3GS=Kills battery. And started a 2 year Contract with AT&T. Took it home and Jailbroke it. Now a Happy camper.

    Drawback - Switched to AT&T, liked Tmobile plans, but get a better new iphone that a service supports it.

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