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Thread: Finally web2go is working again.

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    Default Finally web2go is working again.
    After two days of being redirected to and t-mobile trying to force me to upgrade my internet, the internet is back on. I have no idea if it is what i did or just T-mobile weeding out the weak and waiting for people to upgrade.

    What i did is the following.
    Canceled current web2go plan. Changed my phone to the shadow (online).Got the shadow's unlimited internet plan for 9.99.

    Later ( plan changes online take up to 24 hours to take effect waited for text message from t-mobile confirming change)swapped my sim card into a Nokia N-gage browsed the internet for about 10 mins on the phone. Meanwhile with no sim card in the iphone i did a reset on the network settings. While iphone was restarting i reinserted the sim card. Started up safari and went to and know everything is back on.
    Now i will try to keep my internet usage to a minimum for a while. Since i just got my iphone and in 19 days i downloaded 243mb of data via edge. By the way i am in southern california since i read a couple of people in the west coast were also having problems.

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    i just resetted my network connection settings and it worked

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    works again for me to. I just decided to give it another try and it started working again, well see what happens in the coming days or hours

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    (in nyc)

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    Internet is back up for me in DC too! I didn't change any settings, it just worked starting this morning.

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    Up and running again! Didn't do anything just waited.

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    worked for me here in Columbus, OH. Thanks.

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    Default Yup
    I wonder what made T-mobile change their mind? Is it simply they were upgrading the towers so decided to give non-tmobile smartphones the shaft since we are their lowest priorities. Or because people started cancelling their internet plans (I was one of these people). Anyway after reading the thread I signed up online again this morning and could use the net instantly (there was no waiting time involved; when I first signed up it took 4 hours before it activated). I used and got 147kbps down/66kbps up but the ping is so high 2348 ms

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    It still isn't working for me. What APN's are you guys using. I am on $5.99 plan and isn't working. Haven't tried internet2 this morning yet.

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    WOO0O0O0O0O0O0O0O0O xD!!!!!!!!!!111111111111111

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    Working again for me in SE Minnesota. Just had to wait it out.

    Download - Avg: 113 Kbits/s Max: 131 Kbits/s
    Upload - Avg: 12 Kbits/s Max: 12 Kbits/s
    Latency - 900 ms
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    Checking in from Houston, web2go working on internet2 but super slow. Had to call to get them to take the smartphone thing off, they wouldn't let me do it online. I'm just holding out next time, I don't think they're ever gonna outright ban us if they've had these two "outages" that then come back.

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    Default Work Again
    Mine works again without doing anything, after turn off my iPhone. I am using in Northern California.

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    Mine is working as well I'm located in North AL. I honestly thought T-mobile was blacklisting iPhones users on a non-smartphone data plan. Anyways I cant believe T-mobile wants $24.99 for smart phone users. Especially on a Edge connection. Come on T-mo this is 2009 not 2003.

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    are the speed of tzone and web2go the same? the max i can get with tzone is 141k/41k in nyc using, can anyone tell me the speed with web2go in nyc?

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    lol i just switched to ATT :/

    i got a new phone out of it o wellz

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    This morning it works again, I followed some steps from here and there.
    Changed my APN to

    clear history, cookies, cache.

    Turn the phone off and then back on.

    And then it worked again, I had a bunch of emails right away!!!

    2G iphone unlocked with $9.99 plan!!!!!!

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    hmm... now I'm debating if I should go back to web2go or try to get TZones added. I went back to the SK Plan from my web2go plan cause atleast with that one I was able to check emails the last few days.

    Anyone have any advice?

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    Did not work for 24h for me.
    But followed Lesmir's advice and now it works!
    Very very strange...
    I have 2G with $9.99 plan.

    Changed my APN to

    clear history, cookies, cache.

    Turn the phone off and then back on.

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    Stated working for me last night...all is good now..

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