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Thread: Internet acting weird?

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    Default Internet acting weird?
    Okay, so my iPhone has been working fine with T-Mobile ever since I got it (1 month ago). But tonight, it started acting up out of nowhere. My Twitterfon app was not refreshing. YouTube was not working. BeeJive IM was not working. App store wasn't working. Yet, Safari was working. Internet and all. So was my MySpace app! But in my other apps, the internet wouldn't connect!

    I'm currently using the web2go plan. The $9.99 one. I've tried resetting (hold button + home button), turning off edge, then on. I tried airplane mode.. etc. I need help! This is the first time this has happened! Help please

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    I am having the same problem. I am in Minnesota and it just started this morning. Things like yahoo messenger and secure websites like my bank will not open. I don't get it.

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    make sure your apn is

    Resetting usually helps this issue.
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    Sorry if I am wrong, but I think doesn't work on 9.99 web2go plan. I am on this data plan, and when I switch to that APN T-Mobile tells me that I have the wrong data plan, but when I switch to it works well.

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    Yesssss. I wake up this morning and out of no where everything is back to normal! But thanks to all who replied and tried to help. I hpe the guy who has the same problem gets it fixed. I didn't do anything to my phone. I guess I just had to wait for it to pass. Whatever it was!
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    i had web2gp and that APN worked just fine for me but that was a while ago. i would only suggest resetting network settings at this point then
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    Stuff like that's happened to me before but it's just a one day thing and it's fine the next. Web2go is not designed for the iPhone, there are bound to be issues.

    Worst case scenario is they cut it off for all of us one day and we have to go to the $20/month plan. $10 more, but it's still an option at least, and still much cheaper than the introductory AT&T plan.

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    also in Minnesota I'm using SpookyEt's carrier bundle also on the 9.99 web 2 go I had a brief problem with the TCF site but then it popped back on about an hour later I reset safari cleared it out then bam it came back on right away gotta say that bundle rocks because I don't have to set apn and the MMS rocks
    It's the third bundle app for postpaid legacy

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