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Thread: Confused about which Plan ?!?

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    Default Confused about which Plan ?!?
    OK. I have a BlackBerry right now on T-Mobile. I'm paying for the BB Internet Plan.

    This morning I Purchased a iPhone 2G From a friend of mine. I have ran redsn0w and unlocked it.

    Now, here is where I am confused.

    If I put my BB SIM Card into the iPhone, which APN settings would I need to use to have full EDGE.

    I was told by numerous people that this is NOT possible, and I will be charged extra $ per /kb downloaded due to the BB data plans being different. OK, So I Switch my plan to a SideKick Plan. Becuase I have a Sidekick also. Will I be able to use full EDGE with this sidekick plan?

    If NOT , which plan should I change to!? Which one will guarentee me fastest service on EDGE?

    Sorry if I sound newb, just very confused! Thanks.

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    Try this:

    T-Mobile US - Postpaid/Flexpaid BlackBerry

    * APN:
    * MMS:
    * MMSC:
    * Proxy:

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    Well I changed my plan to the T-Mobile DASH Plan. So Which settings should I use ?

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    This seems really complicated... I have had absolutely no trouble with my plan. My internet speed I'm not sure if I'm on full edge or whatever but it's pretty darn fast to me for a mobile device.

    I'm on T-Mobile flexpay. I have the Samsung Behold plan. I didn't go with any of those PDA plans because those seem to be really confusing... The Behold plan actually uses what the BB uses but for some reason it isn't complicated at all! Haha.

    My APN settings:

    Username: [blank]
    Password: [blank]

    Simple as that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bx_ View Post
    Well I changed my plan to the T-Mobile DASH Plan. So Which settings should I use ?
    Yo BX wassup sorry I had a bronx flashback moment
    ok I wasa running the 8900 with BES on tmobile before I switched to iPhone
    first of all 9.99 web 2 go will get the job done I am using the tmo carrier bundle from spookyet POSTpaid I use the third one it take care of all of my settings however I'm slightly unsure on the 2G but you can definaately use the 9.99 web 2 go plan unless you need the texting of one of the other plans
    but figger I run
    89.99 unlimted voice
    19.99 unlimted text UP TO 3 LINES
    19.98 unlimted web
    My GF and I are on the loyalty family plans
    but just an FYI to save some DO RE MI
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