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Thread: Can someone provide working 2g 3.0 conditions please :)

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    Default Can someone provide working 2g 3.0 conditions please :)
    Never had a data plan on my 3 year old Tmobile plan

    Iphone is unlocked and jailbroken.

    Seems everyone is having contradicting experiences with different plans so I was looking for someone who as of now is working well!

    looking for someone who currently has a 2g 3.0 up and running to tell me what plan they are on with what configurations.

    which plan?
    Which phone did you tell tmobile you had?
    what config changes did you make?

    Thanks a bunch you guys Modmyi for life!

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    Im on the 300 min fav 5 pre-pay plan. I told them I had an unlocked phone from another provider and I left it at work. I also said I wanted the 19.99 unlimited txt/data package. total came out to 60/mo.

    After putting in my sim i used for data. Still trying to figure MMS out

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    thanks a ton .. ill update you if I can figure it out

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    For 2G phones there's a download in Cydia to activate MMS. Forgot what it's called though lol... btw I think APN settings for data is a bit faster than Not 100% but from personal experience that's how I feel.

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    I use the 300 Nationwide Business plan: 300 anytime, 300 T-Mo to T-Mo, 100 texts for $29.99 a month, plus the $9.99 unlimited internet for phones. Other than one weird day where it seems almost everyone nationwide lost internet access, it's worked wonderfully for me. The only thing I have to input after restoring is the APN to

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    Loyalty plan
    Unlimited minutes 49.99
    Unlimited text 9.99
    Unlimited data 5.99 TZUNL599

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    I have my fave 300 300 text message and 9.99 webtogo and apn and it worked just slightly slower than wifi though but it works. I am not on prepay.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mikerlx View Post
    I have my fave 300 300 text message and 9.99 webtogo and apn and it worked just slightly slower than wifi though but it works. I am not on prepay.
    either your wifi is dead slow, or you can't tell the difference lol. my edge gets about 150 kbps, where as my wifi gets like 5000 lol

    different apns just work better in different locations i guess. Down here in florida is the fastest, yet my friend in new orleans says that internet2 is faster...

    to the thread starter-
    i'm on a family plan, unlimited minutes, unlimited family picture/texting. and t-zones 5.99 plan.

    I didn't have my iphone when i started this plan, infact AIM was the biggest new thing on a phone, when i FIRST got my tmobile account lol (when voicestream first started). I'd recommend borrowing a friends razr or something like that, just to get the phone activated. Plus when the tmobile rep see's your using a POS phone, they'll put you on the cheapest/crappiest data plan. which happens to work great on the iphone. (be sure to mention that you would like a data plan, to check the weather or movies times, say something basic, don't just walk in talking about you need unlimited data, and corporate email accounts, n blah blah blah. tmobile knows all of the smartphone users are willing to pay a little more, because the phone "does so much". when in fact the 5.99 plan does the same thing as the 19.99 plan. the only difference? one was bought with a razr, and one was bought with a blackberry.

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    VIP plan
    Family Plan 600 minutes 49.99
    Unlimited Family texting 9.99
    T-Zones 5.99 x 2
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