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Thread: T-Mobile: Lost emails and security

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    Default T-Mobile: Lost emails and security
    I'm not security savy so simple replys appreciated. I'm using my Yahoo mail account (via unsecured home wi-fi connection) to communicate with a T-Mobile owner who accesses their tmail account via their phone. We have a lot of emails that are never recieved on both sides. My laptop says there's no other wi-fi networks in range but mine, so I'm thinking the problem is on the T-Mobile end. What to do? Thank you. What action should be taken?
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    Now is this person using their address? If thats the case I cant remember but if you have filters set sometimes it thinks its SPAM. And the same is true with yahoo accounts. Check your SPAM/Bulk Mail folder and see if its in there.

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    Yes, they are using their tmail address. Their mails to my yahoo account are not showing up. I've checked the SPAM folder and they're not there. We're going to try to use yahoo to yahoo instead of tmail to yahoo and see if that makes a difference. thanks

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    Did yahoo to yahoo work better? I use to use tmomail way back when then yahoo had a wap site and i used it from then on since its my main account. After a while in come the spam emailing my tmomail address so i just turned it off. Not sure if it comes default off though but thats an option to check. Heck now days its best to use wap sites for email. SMS was so difficult to use and you had little space to send a message when making it an email after loosing half of your letters just putting a email address each email you wanted to send.

    Still not sure why you can not get an email from the tmomail address. maybe its the way they are sending it?

    Oh and BTW the email problem your experiencing has almost no relation with your wifi connection. However yes you are more open to "snoopers" who "can" steal your data as it transmits around your wifi range. There are simple ways to at least get basic encryption going. More problematic in urban areas but still possible even in rural areas. Plus an open connection is an invitation to disaster if someone finds it, uses it to do bad things then you get blamed.
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