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Thread: Little Help Runin on sidekick plan

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    Default Little Help Runin on sidekick plan
    Hey everyone. I literally got an iphone bout 6 hours ago because my sidekick crashed. Ive been up all night reading about how to get internet on it once its unlocked. i bought it unlocked wit the 2.1 os on it. ive read around and i changed my apn to and my internet surely works BUT really slooowww. indoors am gettin bout 45 kbps and outside about 100.kbps am i on the edge already or do i need to go in a little more and tweek the settings around? would the os 3.0 help me out? i have a flex pay 600 min wit 20 unlimited data plan. thnx guys. the only reason i complain is because itsss reelllleee slow.. lol specially compared to my brothers S not even on 3g lol.

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    Get rid of Sidekick Plan

    Add T-Zones.

    I hit about 175kbs with 2 bars

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    might just be in the area your located

    i get 133 in doors with my sidekick data

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    i live in miami. and is it proven that the tzones internet gets more signal den the normal sidekick data plan? if yea den ill do it . but the problem is that with the data plan of the sk i get unlimited txt lol

    am on the website. and there is no tzones option. is it WEB2go? lol its the same price lmao 19.95
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    ^^ no proven fact at all and any one who claims this is just messed in the head,both are running edge networks just on different apns.

    look at me i am on my sidekick plan,i get 133 kbs or over just indoors like i said the only time i have had issues with the sk plan is if i was some where with horrid service

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    Doesn't matter what plan you are, doesn't make a difference. It depends where I'm at it wants to act slow, fast, real fast, real slow, it has its own mind

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