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Thread: MMS / BATTERY DRAIN - Ongoing Test Confirms It.

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    Quote Originally Posted by big black View Post
    Hey guys! I removed ActivateMMS2g in the hopes of stopping the battery drain. But, my battery keeps draining after removing it. Is there a way to remove all remnants of this app, manually or otherwise? I need to stop this battery drain.
    Best thing is to update the firmware and then NOT installing the patch.
    It seems that even removing the patch is not enough... some garbage still drain the battery.

    I've done that and i guarantee that my battery drain is disappeared !


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    It seems that the culprits are persistent WiFi (specially if you have a 24/7 router online all the time where your iPhone automatically connects to and the 3G EDGE Data that are using and communicating with the Push Notifications and Fetchs and Pulls Data from apps all the time.

    Ive been searching thoroughly around every forums and googling every possible way for a solution and i found this :



    Persistent Wifi Battery Fix (Without Disabling the Persistent Wifi):

    Have a battery drain issue? Is it caused by having persistent wifi on all the time? Well I can assure you this problem arises from Apple’s poor Notification setup. As a result, to fix this issue all one really has to do is simi-disable Notification (disable only when iPod is sleeping) on their device.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ken_W View Post
    I would like to disable Wifi when my itouch is asleep. I tried the plist hack post but that didn't work.

    Does anyone know how I could disable persistent Wifi?


    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
    I don't know of a fix, I just use icontrol.
    @Unregistered Guest

    OMFG! Thanks to you, ive been searching around for the whole internet googling and stuff, and your reply was the only one that solved my problems!! it did exactly what i wanted it to do! *To Switch Off* wifi *Instantly* with options to decide from 30 secs default to none delay! and to turn it on aswell None Delay when i unlock my iPhone!

    Altho i downloaded from X$3llize repo and it prompt pop-ups that says unidentified app or something, but it goes away after closing it 3 to 4 times (this only happens when re-springing or re-booting the phone), none the less! it works like a charm!! its like ios4.1 on 3.1.3!! w00h00 (and for the part that says unidentified something, i havent tried installing from other repo like [email protected]$t0re , [email protected] repos yet they all have the same versions and ofcourse bigboss repos too but its paid, maybe those other [email protected] repos wont give that pop-ups.

    Info by D!ck!e$ after installing the app:

    iControl lets you turn NOT ONLY WIFI, but also BLUETOOTH & 3G EDGE DATA OFF and ON when your iPhone goes to sleep like for example: AUTO LOCK / CHARGING STATE / LOCKED / UNLOCKED which uses Sleep/Power/Lock button and lets you choose DELAY from:

    None, 5 secs, 10 secs, 20 secs, 30 secs (which is default), 40 secs, 50 secs, up to 1min

    Very user friendly! and fully customizable!
    Also it seems that the new ios4 multitasking is somewhat related to it too (IMO, id rather remove it and install the backgrounder) heres the guide to remove ios4 multitasking:

    h t t p : / / w w w . i f a n s . c o m / f o r u m s / s h o w t h r e a d . p h p ? t = 3 1 7 4 7 6

    [Copy&Pasted]:Credits to Spirit_JB from the ifans forum and his mates who provided all the other hacks

    Warning, before you proceed with any hack, be sure to backup the respected file (i.e. *.plist, *.strings, *.png).

    Also, those who are inexperienced with editing plist, just use iFile to ensure an error free process (assuming you correctly follow the instructions bellow).

    Due to the amazing collaboration of many forum members, we have really gotten to exploit the iPod Touch 4 to its maximum capacity. However, until recently, the exploitation was carried around numerous posts. So here is an all in one post on how to improve your iPod Touch.

    Please note: I did not come up with most of these hacks/edits/tweaks. As a result, I will be crediting the originator of each hacks/edits/tweaks, as they are listed.


    Getting Started:

    Before getting started, you must know how to edit the *.plist, modify certain files (non-plist files), and delete certain files on your device.

    On your iOS device:

    iFile can do everything (it is shareware, but free to use with limited compatibilities. Rest assure, these hacks listed here can be done free on iFile.) -->Download via Cydia

    This program is HIGHLY recommended for inexperienced users.

    If you chose to not use iFile, read on. If you will use iFile, you may skip to the desired hack(s) listed bellow.

    On Windows:

    Plist Editor for Windows: Free

    On Mac:: Alternative to the native OSX plist editor:

    PL tools: Free


    Now that you got the plist programs (on Windows or Mac), you need to learn how to SSH into your device.

    If you are using iFile, you can edit files without a computer. Thus, you will not need to SSH into your device. Furthermore, if you need to make a wifi connection (i.e., to backup your plist), you can establish a wifi connection within iFile.

    In other words, unless you are using a mac or plist editor, don't worry about SSH.

    To SSH from computer to device (via wifi), read this tutorial: w w w . i f a n s . c o m / f o r u m s / s h o w t h r e a d . p h p ? t = 8 4 8 6 4

    To SSH from computer to device (via usb), read this tutorial:
    w w w . i f a n s . c o m / f o r u m s / s h o w t h r e a d . p h p ? t = 1 7 9 1 2 0

    To SSH from iOS device to iOS device, read this tutorial:
    w w w . i f a n s . c o m / f o r u m s / s h o w t h r e a d . p h p ? t = 3 2 8 2 6 4


    Disable Multitasking

    I am aware that this hack will be used by few, nevertheless, here it is:

    Navigate to:
    \System\Library\CoreService\\N18AP. plist




    Finally, reboot the device.
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