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Thread: Sidekick Prepaid 1$ and Iphone 3g 3.0

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    Default Sidekick Prepaid 1$ and Iphone 3g 3.0
    Okay so I have am Iphone 3G on 3.0 firmware working on my sidekick prepaid 1$ per day plan. On my iPhone I have unlimited edge network, unlimited text. I have the MMS set up and working fine but it takes 25Cents everytime I send one. Any idea around this charge? I was hoping Tmobile had the MMS unlimited and free like the texting I guess not? anyone else doing this?

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    No there are apps that can sub as MMS but other then that you would have to hack tmobile and change the plan yourself LOL. but no im sorry PS what APN Setting did u use to get your MMS working on the sidekick plan cuz i just have unlimited internet and text

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    Well that kinda sucks. Im hoping they just decide to throw that in for me some magical way if I call. Lol anyway Pic messeging isnt that essential to me I can always email something if I want.

    My MMS settings are

    APN -
    username -
    password -
    MMSC -
    MMS Proxy -
    mms max messege -
    mms ua prof url -

    Just add this in hit the HOME button and Restart your Iphone. Upon restart open Messeges and It well tell you to add your phone number and you will see the little camera Icon next you the Text bar.

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    Yeah, that SK prepaid plan states that only text (not picture) messaging is unlimited. There's no way around it unfortunately.
    The only apps that work like MMS (using data like other apps) are only usable on AT&T accounts, mostly by the developers design.
    BiteSMS is possibly looking into sending MMS over data (bypassing the carrier) in a new version, but it probably won't be much cheaper than what you pay now per message.

    Good job on finding working APN settings for MMS, BTW.
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    Yeah thanks for that bit of information. I spent a few hours yesterday doing many diffrent combinations of the settings until I got one to finally work. Guess If I really need too ill pay 25cents lol.

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    AK973 what are the setting u used for get your mms working. currenty my cellular data is blank and internet works perfect. but no matter what i tried for the mms setting nothing will work.


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