Hey guys, I have a VPN internet package (internet2
voicestream.com) that i had for a while now for 19.99 (old grandfathered plan)the same plan right now is 24.99. It's not fast but fast enough to check emails, check out websites, and most important youtube (for shows that i miss on tv)

I keep seeing this web2go for 9.99, after speeking to tmobile support team i was told that it's for basic phones only and that i wont be able to do much with it. I asked if they can freeze vpn and let me try web2go, of course they refused and said that if i change the plan then i wont be able to get that vpn back for 19.99 instead it will be 24.99

Can someone suggest anything?
iPhone 3G, 16GB, fw 3.0, Unlocked, Jailbroken