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Thread: Tmobile Edge on 19.99 plan - Wont connect

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    Default Tmobile Edge on 19.99 plan - Wont connect
    I have been trying for hours to get edge to work.
    16GB iPhone
    T-Mobile 19.99 plan
    apptapp installer

    First used winSCP to load the modifed preferences.plist file and proxy.pac file (the directory for the fiels were off)

    That did not work, there are so many posts saying use and user and pass blank, some say put in guest.

    Then I found posts saying for the 19.99 plan put in and user and pass blank. (I tried blank and guest)

    They the post above says leave everything blank. I have tried everything.
    What am I missing?

    Do you need the modifed preferences.plist file and proxy.pac files to make this work?
    When you install the tmoblie tweak 1.13 from installer does it replace the filed that I edited? Does safari need a patch or plugin to work with edge?

    Are the tweaks different for the 5.99 plan and 19.99 plan? Hellllp!!!!

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    try to reset your network and i don't think you need that proxy.pac file for t mobile 19.99 plan.... try to restore your iphone and don't do the proxy.pac... just type and should work fine...

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    I spoke w/ cs at tmo about the $19 total internet on the iphone. They told me that the apn is and you don't need to fill the the rest (password etc). I don't think you need all that "proxy" stuff to get the internet working if you have the $19 total internet package. When I spoke w/ cs they wanted to switch me from my tzones to total internet and then they said all would work.

    you should do a DFU restore on your phone since you mod it, make sure that you do indeed have the $19 package (check you "my tmobile" account on the tmo web) and I think you should be good to go

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    Dont use the proxy hack it doesnt work it is for T-zones only.

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    How do i estore to 1.1.3? I have itunes 7.5 and am clicking restore, but it keeps asking to check for new updates and wont restore.

    I also downloaded ziphone, I am on Windows vista btw.

    What do have to do to rstore to 1.1.3? Thanks for the help.

    Oh and I called tmobile, they said everything is ok on their end.

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    Itunes will only let me restore and update. How do I get around that?

    OK, I restored to 1.1.4
    Then used Ziphone to unlock. I did not use the 1.1.3 tmobile tweak, should I?
    Tried & with user and pass blank.

    I get could not activate, you are not subscribed to edge.

    Is it my plan, the unlimmited 19.99 a month? Does it need to be the blackberry plan? SHould I call and ask for the vpn to be enabled? Should I switch to the $5.99? if I do, will I still be able to get gmail and yahoo via the iphone email client?

    I am really at aloss here. Any help is much appreciated.
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    1. do a dfu restore
    2. do ziphone
    3. make sure you restore the phone and not update
    4. when you do ziphone 2c make sure you press the 1st button j/u/a
    5. you should be good to go.

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    Thanks for the reply, not sure what this means: when you do ziphone 2c make sure you press the 1st button j/u/a

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    Quote Originally Posted by thatdogsucks View Post
    Thanks for the reply, not sure what this means: when you do ziphone 2c make sure you press the 1st button j/u/a
    he means to press "do it all" (Jailbreak, unlock, activate)

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    I did do that, Edge still wont connect. Not sure what to do at this point?? Anyone??

    Is there something that I need to install after j/u/a?? An application from the installer? Anything?
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    turn wifi off
    see if edge connects then. (see a blue "E" on the top of the screen? that means edge is on and wifi is off)
    you also have to go and input the apn that you got for the "total internet package"
    when did you sign up w/ tmo for total internet? sometimes it takes a while for them to connect it. did you get a text message from them saying that the change you requested has been implemented?

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    I did and wap.
    Signed up 3 days ago, called today they said it should work.
    I did get a text message sying it was implemented

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    i called tmobile and it got all sorted out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they were great lol late...

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    Is this significant?

    Primary gateway IP:
    Port: 8080
    Secondary gateway IP:
    Port: 8080

    How do you make the changes?

    By the way the blue E is on the phone, but the error I get is "could not activate EDGE: you are not subscribed to EDGE.

    Still no luck.

    Do I need to replce the preferences.plist file with the modified preferences.plist file for this to work?
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    See, in the beginning you did the proxy hack.
    You didn't need to do that, you still don't need to do that.
    I told you to do a DFU restore. That should wipe out anything that you did to the phone.
    Then do the ziphone 2c. Like I said, the first button on the top left. This will jailbrake, activate and unlock the phone.
    You have it simple because you are paying for the total internet through tmobile.
    You just need to unlock your phone. The jailbrake part is only to add stuff to the phone that currently doesn't already come w/ it.
    The activate part of the ziphone will "activate" the phone.

    You really should stop trying to fiddle w/ anything "internal" on the phone because all you need/want is EDGE to pick up your tmobile total internet. If you did all this CORRECTLY, then the phone should pick up the edge network.

    One last thought, did you put in the tmobile sim card?

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    I did do all that and did not do anything internal.

    It still doesnt work.

    I did exactly as yo said, restored it and "jailbrake, activate and unlock the phone" using ziphone.

    After that i did nothing internal to the phone.

    Sim card is in.

    I did internet2 and wap, and nothing. THe E does turn blue, I turn wireless off. But no connection, I get I am not a subscriber.
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    Installing "Boss Prefs" might be helpful for you. It will show you an IP for the Edge, if it is connected.

    Even when I couldn't get it to work the blue E still showed. Take it with a grain of salt.

    If Tmobile says their settings are correct and you are back at square 1 (after the restore and etc), try this.

    Install Boss Prefs, enter for the APN, then restart your phone. Once it restarts, go to Boss Prefs and see if the IP shows up in the Edge field. If not open Safari and try to open a page. If it works, great, if not go back to see if the IP shows up.

    If you still have problems, call tmobile back and ask for help from a technician familiar with the iPhone. When I called in for help setting up Edge, the guy found pretty quickly what the issue was and corrected the settings.

    In my situation I had Blackberry internet and I had the Blue E, an IP, but no access to the web. They switched me to Total Internet, I didn't change any settings, and it worked.

    If all else fails see if your sim card can access Edge on a tmobile branded phone. Do you still have your old one? That might help the tech figure out what's happening. If the old phone doesn't connect to Edge, but it should, then contact Tmobile and make sure they support their product. Their phone should connect if in fact their settings are correct.

    Hope this helps.

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    I just go it to work. When i set it up, I thought Hot Spots included internet. Needless to say now I know it does not. Hot spots and unlimmited internet are both $19.99 and very different. Edge works on unlimmited internet NOT Hot Spots.

    Anyway it works and it pretty fast. I really appreciate everyone tryin to help me out. Thank you.

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    So you switched to "Total Internet w/ Hotspot?"

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    i have unlimited but not hotspots,,i had it activated 1 day ago and still nothing
    wifi is great when i can connect to that and my email pushes,,but no internet

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