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Thread: Missing Edge 'E' Icon after 3.0 update

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    Default Missing Edge 'E' Icon after 3.0 update
    So, I've been missing my E icon ever since I upgraded my 2G to 3.0. I thought perhaps once Ultrasn0w came out, that might solve the problem. I also tried solving the problem with SBSettings, tried 3 APN's, still no Edge.

    Finally today I called T-Mobile. I told the customer rep my problem, and was straight up about owning an iPhone. She said I needed to upgrade my T-Zones, but she did state that I should get an E icon regardless of the data plan.

    So, she transferred me to level 3 tech. He was ready and willing to walk me through my settings, but after seeing the t-zones, he pretty much stated that there was not allot he could do, since t-zones is not supported anymore.
    He suggested that I take my SIM into a t-mobile store, and have them put it in a t-mobile supported phone. He said that usually solves this kind of problem.

    Just as I was about to hang up, he said "Woah, hang on a sec. This doesn't look right. Turn off your phone."

    I did.

    "Now turn it back on"

    I did - and what do you know - 'E' showed up immediately.
    He said the problem was on his end - that one of the network setting fields was empty. I was sure to confirm he meant on his end, and not mine. He couldn't explain how it happened. He said every once in a awhile the system is checked automatically, and maybe since I had tzones it got confused and cleared out the settings. I asked him if there was a technical name for the settings that was empty, but he wouldn't say. I told him that hopefully I won't have any more problems for the foreseeable future.

    He again suggested that I upgrade to a real data plan. I told him I appreciated where he was coming from, but that the t-zones has been working great for me, and if I could afford higher plan, I would consider it, especially if for some reason this begins to be a common occurrence. I'd prob just switch to AT&T then.

    Overall, it was a very pleasant conversation. Very helpful.

    Hope this helps someone else

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    my e has gone missing and i havent even upgraded to 3.0 yet. im still using 2.2.1 with gevey turbo sim. but my acct doesnt show im paying for tzones, it mysteriously shows tmobile web

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    Mine says Tmobileweb on the website as well. That is normal for t-zones. The tech even said tzones when he was talking to me.

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    My E has been replaced with the 3G icon after updating to 3.0 and I'm still on T-zones. Weird...

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