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Thread: i hate 3.0 so many problems

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    Default i hate 3.0 so many problems
    OK so i accidntally installed the firmware and then i unlocked it after 5 hours of figuring out what the heck i was doing... NOW so mad that no MMS for a 2G phone. Does anyone know if swirlymms is going to come out with an app for the 2G? then i try to downgrade back to 2.2.1 and EVERY SINGLE TIME i get that damn 1600 code. i jsut dont get it... and all of the cydia apps barely work with the 3.0 firmware. i just hate it... ps on tmobile suggestions ? and please answer!

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    It's been less then a week since 3.0(final) came out. Slow your roll a little bit and just be patient.

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    downgrade itunes to 8.1, then DFU restore to 2.2.1


    Just wait it out, its only been a couple days with 3.0, things will get much better
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    see everytime i try to download a lower version of itunes and then plug the iphone in, it basically tells me my library isnt supported in this itunes n kicks me out... oh well i know what u mean tho its only been a few days just sux

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    Downgrading from 8.2 is alittle more difficult than previous versions but its possible to do.. just google how to downgrade from 8.2 and find a tutorial and go back to 2.2.1 until all the bugs are fixed and apps like swirly catch up.

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    i was able to download to 8.1 and it said it couldnt open bc my library was made in a newer versoin. ok so i deleted my library and got it to open... and STILL got the 1604 adn 1600 codes.... using a PC btw dunno if that matters

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    Dont use dfu to restore, just use regular restore.

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    the restore when the itunes and connector come up on the iphone?

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    Quote Originally Posted by chevy7298 View Post
    the restore when the itunes and connector come up on the iphone?
    Simply go into your "My Music" folder if using windows and rename the iTunes folder to something like "temp" for the purposes of using an older version of iTunes. Once you've gotten your firmware back where you want it, and you've uninstalled the old iTunes/upgraded back to the newest, rename that folder back to "itunes".
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