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Thread: Sidekick plan stop working with iPhone?

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    There has to be a way because the crap was working fine for me for the last 5 months so!!!!!!! What the eff·.

    I seriously hate this but I guess we sit and wait till some one discovers the solution!

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    Just got off the phone with tmobile and they said they close th loop hole so iphones can't use the sidekick plan for internet. They said it's for sidekicks only. He basically accused me o stealing there internet.

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    LOop hole my buttcheecks if they so called closed it why the he'll does my mail and internet radio work? And people with pre paid side kick plans still have service?

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    Quote Originally Posted by partaypooper95 View Post
    ...To fix this problem yourself, all you have to do is

    1). Make sure that 'Data Roaming' is turned ON, and that 3G is (obviously) turned OFF

    2). Either go to Settings>General>Network>Cellular Data Network to change the APN to:


    (if that area of your settings are not available, just use the site from your iPhone tp change the settings) (and if you use the site, DO NOT switch the tab about tethering and 3G to on (tethering will work anyway after, trust me))

    Try that once and reboot the iPhone. Turn off WiFi if it's on and give it a run. If it still doesn't work, go to Settings>General>Reset>Reset Network Settings and Reset. Then, repeat the process, and reboot again. For some reason, this is when it worked for me....
    This did not work for me on a 2g iphone, using $1 day sk plan, so I changed to pay go and now I can’t even connect to the basic T-zones using the epc. apn. I put the sim into a T-mo branded Razr and it still can't access basic t-Zones. On the razr I'm getting an icon that looks something like "A•>", which I think means analog. I used a different T-Mobile sim in both the razr and Iphone and can use edge to get to the limited T-Zones so it seems as though something killed the original sim's ability to connect at all to Edge!!
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    Anyone know or think this gonna get fixed because this is just some BS !!!!

    Anyone know or think this is gonna get fixed because this is bull.
    I gotta use ma lx now =|
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    i got sidkick plan and 1.00 day prepay... i think they did close loop hole ..cause if i put my sim in a old tmobile phone it will not connect to network but when i use my other sim card basic pre pay plan im my old tmobile phone it connects i gusee tmobile did something to the account with the sk plan so it wont connect.....has anyone tryed a sk with sim to see if it connects BUt use differnt sim not the one u use in iphone

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    Default Anybody try the internet only plans?
    Quote Originally Posted by jonnyboomboom View Post

    What do i need to tell these people to get the data without the voice?


    ****and please JOTFINOSKI update us on this data plan. I have no problem paying 30 a month for data and a couple texts i just will NOT pay upwards of 60 for some voice plan attached that i never plan to use!!!
    Jonnyboomboom or anyone else who doesn't like to talk on these phones... I'd try this myself but I'm not quite ready to commit to a contract on my brand new used iPhone . Anybody tried the 39.99/mo 'Internet Only' Plan 'T-Mobile Total Internet' with the iPhone. The way I figure it for $45/mo and a contract commitment you can get unlimited data + 300 SMS a month... and if you do break down and have to talk to a human being it's $0.20/min (so close enough to the prepaid sidekick plan for me at $15 more/mo).... If anybody tries or has tried this please report back success or failure.. If I finally commit to the iPhone & t-mobile this might be perfect for me.


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    I just called T-Mobile support myself, and I also was told that they locked down the Sidekick plans to Sidekick only.

    This sucks.

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    Gonna go into a store today where my friend works to see what's up

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    Default Alternatives?
    Based on the comments from T-Mobile customer service that have reported, it sounds like this really is a high-level decision to push iPhone users off the Sidekick plan rather than some kind of accident or service outage. (Although, the range of comments from customer service suggest that the company stance on iPhones is not being communicated well to the employees.)

    If we assume this isn't going to reverse itself, what options are there for users of unlocked iPhones in the US? I'm looking for a plan that is contract-free (either pre-paid daily or month-to-month is fine) and is primarily a data-only plan. I'm willing to pay more than the $1/day the Sidekick plan cost, but a $50 voice plan + $25 data plan is unacceptable.

    Is there anything people can recommend, or has my iPhone been downgraded to an iPod Touch with a microphone?

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    Default Apparently There Are Some Details...
    Okay, so here's the deal: apparently, in order for you to change the iPhone's APN to the one I specified and GET IT WORKING, someone from inside of TMobile has to 'allow' your number to start using the server. I know this sounds crazy, BUT I SWEAR THIS IS HOW I GOT MINE WORKING. If you have any more questions, just ask.

    (And BTW, I'm pretty sure that this only works wit the Sidekick Prepaid)

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    partaypooper95 what settings do u have? and what did u tell them so they can add your # to the server

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    All you have to do to get through to them is to just keep saying that you're on iPhone , and that you're aware that TMobile doesn't offer them in the first place. If just keep mentioning resetting your APN and give them the error messages you are getting. (for me, it kept flashing 'server not responding'). If you keep pushing, SOMEONE WILL HELP.

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    I just talked to a T-Mobile customer service rep in the live online chat who said that the problem in my area (Northern New Mexico) was just due to a network outage. He didn't see anything problematic about using the iPhone with the Sidekick plan, and told me to try again later today or tomorrow to see if it is fixed.

    Now I'm really confused. So far different people have been told by customer service that

    * T-Mobile has kicked all the iPhones off the plan, no recourse
    * iPhones will work if explicitly approved by a customer service agent
    * iPhones should work as before once a temporary network outage has been resolved

    Either this loss of iPhone service was an accident, and some customer service reps are incorrectly assuming it is due to a policy change, or the loss of service is intentional, but no one has told all the reps who are used to dealing with iPhones (and I just coincidentally had an unrelated data outage in my area at the same time).

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    Quote Originally Posted by partaypooper95 View Post
    All you have to do to get through to them is to just keep saying that you're on iPhone , and that you're aware that TMobile doesn't offer them in the first place. If just keep mentioning resetting your APN and give them the error messages you are getting. (for me, it kept flashing 'server not responding'). If you keep pushing, SOMEONE WILL HELP.
    I was told there was absolutely nothing that they could do for me since they are blocking non-Sidekick devices.

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    So does anyone have a monthly sidekick plan working?

    im located in ny and still i have nothing but email and internet radio!!!!!!!

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    if prepaid sidekick truly is no more, and it does appear to be fact, then i figure i may as well go back to at$t and beg into a cheaper plan. they do have them if you complain about the cost enough.

    prepaid sidekick was cool because of unlimited data access (i make few calls). but if i have to go with t-mobile's regular plans i may as well use at$t and get 3G in the deal. there is little diff in the costs that i can see.

    i'm bummed

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    im in nyc tmobile rep in ipone deparment said she has not herd anything about tmobile bloking sk plan on iphone she said it should i ask her if there are outages in my area and she said brokklin,manhatten(where i am) and albany are haveing a problom she said it might just be that.but shes not sure... i repeat she has not herd of tmobile blocking sk plan on iphone.....

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    Seems many reps have either not been told, or are giving false info because they don't wanna work on the weekends

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