Hi Guys,

I have a 1.1.4(1.1.3 OTB) unlocked by ZiPhone 2.5c. I got the $5.99 Tzones. Worked for a day or so then now only works intermittently(mostly not) and on certain locations only. Tried to install manually, via installer etc. The same. Tried every other trick on all the forums. Still the Same.

If I go to yahoo.com it works just fine, but if I go to any website I get the internal error (Comverse) message. So I called Tmobile and said I m using a razor and had everything reset ( he initially said, using an iphone?). Still did not work. So I met up with a friend who also has the tzones hack but works flawlessly for him, we switched sims and guess what? My sim still says internal error on his iphone and his sim works aok on my iphone.

What gives?

I'll try to have my sim replaced as mentioned by one user here, my sim is 4yrs old.

This is driving me nuts!! Please help...