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Thread: Pay by the Day

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    I switched from the sidekick plan to Pay by the day. The side,kick plan worked great but minutes are very explensive so I switched the plan.It said that I get tzones instead of danger. the apn for the sidekick plan didnt work on this plan. just shows forwards me to the 10.184.***.*** address or whatever which has a basic list of links that has the title: tzones. Every address i put in forwards to that same page. wap.voicestream does the same thing. What is the solution to getting this tzones to work with an iphone 3g I'm on 2.2.1 with a turbosim. Does Pay by the day just limit full internet or is there a tzones hack for this. HELP PLEASE!!! I want internet again
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    not sure, but you might try

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    im on the sidekick pre paid plan works great..all i did was pop the sim in and reset network settings ..web , map, and works flawless. no apn settings needed or download .. i hope im not the only one that work for ...let me know.. ill ask around for u..

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    yea I tried internet2.voicestream as well i tried them all. Once I saw that I was getting charged fior every text message and my internet didnt work with any of the apns I switched back to the sidekick plan. I wish there was a better price for minutes.

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    there is a good price for minutes, get a rate plan lol
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    Rate plans are post paid.

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    I believe the tzones hack is what you need. but IMO i would stick with Sidekick Pre-paid plan, because you get unlimited everything except calls and pay per day your gonna have to pay for tzones if it works and text messaging and all that other stuff. depending on how you use your phone it might be more expensive and a pain in the ___ to get it working correctly. that's how they get you though, sidekick plan has unlimited data and texting but no unlimited nightime minutes, pay per day has the opposite.PPD limits your internet and text messageing. while Sidekick just limits your calls.

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    it comes with t-zone just to check usages download etc not full internet

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