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Thread: Voicemail Indicator stopped working / weird text messages instead

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    I've been having the same problem, but looks like it's fixed as of 12:00 today. I've had a voice mail waiting for me a few days and all of the sudden I see the notification over the phone.

    Anyone else confirm theirs is working again?
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    It appears to be working partially now. Seems T-Mobile is now going through there towers one by one to fix it.

    It seems now i don't get a text when i revice a new voicemail and now a voicemail indiacator but when i delete, i get the same blank text and now i got the red dot indicator, oh well,

    But now at home and on a different tmobile tower, i get blank texts both ways.

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    im still getting the text, and the bubble still stays even though i dont have voicemail... not fixed at all

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    Yep weird, I had not been getting the red dot as most, just the annoying blank texts, but then last night, someone left me a voicemail and the red dot appeared, so I was like yaaaaay the problem has been fixed! Uhhhh! NO! I listened to the voicemail, and the red dot wont go away, and I STILL get the blank text AFTER I listen to the voicemail! And yep the red dot is STILL there! ugh!! Even MORE annoying now!

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    switch into Airplane mode and out and the red dot should go away.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Melech518 View Post
    If you are worried about getting the indicator to go away until the problem is fixed here is the solution:
    1. Call 611(t-mobile) and have them disable the voicemail notifier on your line.
    If you do this, this means that you will NOT receive ANY indication of a waiting voicemail.

    This isn't going to be fixed, by the way. T-Mobile changed something on their end, but they claim that this is a problem with the iPhone (which is an unsupported phone) and that we should simply disable visual voicemail.

    The only choices are to disable the voicemail notifier on your line or else put up with the blank text messages.

    I'd be happy to be proven wrong. ;-)

    Quote Originally Posted by Oliver350Z View Post

    I am sure that T-Mo will fix this soon.
    They told me that they won't, that it's a problem with the iPhone!

    Quote Originally Posted by cschwab18 View Post
    Had the same problem getting texts for voice mails from 1969 and 2012. Called T-mobile guy said oh yeah I can fix that give me a second, came back online said problem has been fixed. Yeah evidently his fix was to turn off notification because now I am getting nothing, great job.
    And now you will not receive ANY notification of incoming voicemails!
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    Thank you for repeating the same thing that has been posted a million times. Its great to have an echo on this thread.

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    I think I made things a little clearer. I also added, "This isn't going to be fixed."

    I believe that the solution is going to be to figure out a way to hack the iPhone so that it works normally with the T-Mobile voicemail signal.

    Here's an official T-Mobile response:

    Customers with handsets that do not support the Reel to Reel icon receive a text message containing these characters: _@. This is due to the software on the handset they are using. Unfortunately, T-Mobile cannot force the handset to understand the Message Waiting Indicator (MWI) messages.
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    Ok everyone is having this issue im not crazy@!

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    My indicator stopped working today as well and I am getting the weird texts.

    Luckily my indicator is stuck in the OFF position so at least I don't have the dot, just the weird messages notifying me. Silly T-Mobile... It worked fine before.

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    I believe I have found the solution to the voicemail notification issue.
    I installed the T-mobile US Carrier bundle from BigBoss in Cydia. Now I am receiving notification after a voicemail is left and after checking the red dot resets. And the best thing is no more of those stupid texts. Try it out and post results.

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    Yup, it seems to have fixed the phantom text message. Great find.

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    I was having the same problem, then I downloaded T-Mobile U.S. carrier from cydia and it stopped. Also dont try to call the text or itll put your phone into recovery mode, what a pain.

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    Incredible, and it was right in front of our eyes this whole time!! This works

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    Not necessary. The problem has apparently been fixed by T-Mobile.

    Blank Text messages - Tmobile USA ??? What gives - Page 6 - Hackint0sh

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    Quote Originally Posted by odysseus08 View Post
    Not necessary. The problem has apparently been fixed by T-Mobile.

    Blank Text messages - Tmobile USA ??? What gives - Page 6 - Hackint0sh
    I read the same thing earlier, but then again I was still having the problem until I just installed the Tmobile bundle. Coincidence? Maybe or maybe not. I would like to know if anyone else who has not installed the bundle yet has their phone working fine now. Just curious...
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    I was still receiving the txts as of 7:55 PM.
    I had success after installing the bundle.
    My buddy was still receiving the texts as of 9:40 PM. But after installing the bundle he is no longer receiving the texts and his indicator seems to be working now.

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    Just installed the bundle, no problems. Thanks for posting fellas.

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    Default No more phantom texts...YEAH! And my red dot is gone!
    Ummm.....I think the problem has actually totally been fixed by t-mobile, and I was just coming on to add a post that for me (in Austin, TX) as of sometime this evening within the last 2-3 hours, it's fixed. I didn't do anything different...just been waiting patiently and deleting the dumb text messages as they appeared. Then tonight when I listened to a voicemail, the red dot disappeared when I hung up. Then I did a test by calling and leaving myself a new voicemail. I got the red dot for the new message, listened to the voicemail, the dot went away and no phantom text message. One other thing that I noticed that I hadn't even noticed that wasn't happening too, was that on my home screen, I had the message "Missed Call" and "New Voicemail". I hadn't been receiving that message "new voicemail" during this whole time. So, I think it's totally fixed...YEAH! Thanks t-mobile for whatever you did! I was too afraid to call and complain about it because I didn't even want them to know that I was using an iPhone.

    I didn't download that tmobile bundle from cydia, but am sorta curious about it though....what all does it do? I guess I'll go to cydia and check it out. :>)

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    those phantom texts has been driving me nuts... i was talking tmobile tech up the tier with no solution found. Like a few of us here, I install tmobile bundle. It seems to work as of 10mins ago.

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