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Thread: HELP need to replace iphone from APPLE

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    for me i got a free replacement iphone brand new i bought a messed up iphone for $80 on craigslist but it still worked no cracked screen and i had no warrenty nothing but it had an unresponsive touch screen so i took it to apple and they replace iphones with unresponsive touch screens but only certain serial numbers and my broken iphone happen to have the right serial number so i qualified and got a free replacement so all i spent was $80 pretty crazy story and this happened in all one day

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    There is a lesson in this that I hope EVERYONE learns and takes to heart.

    If you're going to trade, take 2 minutes to check out the item you're buying/ trading for. I've heard of so many people getting crap, shitty, beaten, dead, busted screen iphones because they didnt bother to check and then they complain that the guy that gave it to them ripped them off.

    No he didn't. You ripped yourself off by not being patient enough to hold your balls for 2 seconds and make sure you're getting what you want. And lets be clear. There ARE MANY assholes out in the world who love taking advantage of "desperate" people. I have NO sympathy for people like the OP. You got what you deserved. I bet next time you'll check it before buying won't you?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ic223everywhere View Post
    I read that some people on this forum got a replacement even though their warranty was expired... God I hope I have a chance to replace this
    They won't replace your iPhone if your warranty expired. You will have to pay to get it replaced.

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    if you read my post they do replace iphone for free but some they replace if you have an unresponsive touch screen and i have a serial number in the groups of serials that qualify for a free replacement

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    Quote Originally Posted by rotw121 View Post
    if you read my post they do replace iphone for free but some they replace if you have an unresponsive touch screen and i have a serial number in the groups of serials that qualify for a free replacement
    Which group would that be?

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    This is news to me, but i will admit that i read the description on an ebay auction and paid $242 and it was locked. I paid $30 for it to be unlocked found out it would not read the sim and it looked like it was put back together with gaps and I was the lucky one (if you know what i mean).

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    i understand the feeling of the owner who created this thread. I used to have a G1 and it gives me so much problems. If i sign up G1 in Manhattan, I can only use G1 in manhattan and not in Queens.. If i went to queens, I lose 3g and 2G connection. I totally understand how the owner feels. I sold my G1 on ebay and bought a working iphone 3g with broken power button. Everything is fine but the camera and power button. If I want to turn off the phone, I need to press it so hard to turn on the phone. I actually got a replacement of materials for my iphone 3g from apple for 300. Before i call apple, I upgraded my broken iphone 3g for the latest firmware and didnt jailbreak yet. I called apple and stated that my power button is not working and i cant turn on my phone. I gave my friend's AT&T number because he had an iphone 2g still. They told me to bring it to the authorized dealer to get it fixed. The store cant fix it. They stated Apple will replace the materials needed and that added 300. They fixed the inside and now my iphone is like brand new with no problems at all. Basically I lost extra 200 to get it fixed. My iphone is currently on CPJR's hands soon to replace the back housing.

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    I accidentally stepped on my phone a few times, and out of warranty. Used for the last 2yrs....if you can trade your phone for a new one, share how. I sure like to get another one as well lolz

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    if the iphone was a replacement itself the service for repair lasts I think 30 days from when it was replaced but I'm not sure I always check to make sure it has a warrenty or no problems at all but go for it and see what happens...after all its your phone really if they send you a box to ship it in your lucky because taking it to the store could be somewhat hard unless they slip up and dont run you serial number goodluck dude

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