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Thread: Free edge on tmobile...don't know how?

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    Default Free edge on tmobile...don't know how?
    Alright after I unlocked my iphone using I was just like everyone else, my youtube and edge didn't work.

    When I try to connect to anything like weather, stocks, internet it would say that I cannot connect because I wasn't subscribed to EDGE.

    A few days later I had to restore my iphone and I had to unlock it again. I skipped this part because I didn't know how to get around it since my iphone kept saying ERROR.


    Even though I skipped that step my iphone was still unlocked and tmobile works as it should. Now yesterday I call up Tmobile inquiring about the internet plans, the guy instant detects i'm using an iPhone. I told him I would think about it and call them back if I want to add on anything.

    HERE IS WHERE IT GETS STRANGE. Last night I was over at my friends house showing him the iPhone, I did not connect to any wifi and noticed that I was pulling up web pages. The blue E icon lights up and everything like weather, stocks all work....i'm like huh???? I went home, turned off wifi and tried again and EDGE still works. I double check my network settings for EDGE and I have nothing for APN or username or password and I called Tmobile and asked if there is any way I can access Edge without being on a plan and they said that was impossible. I also made sure for him to check if I was added onto any plan and I wasn't. I then checked my usage for Edge, says Sent of 310 KB and Received of 1.7 MB....

    So basiclly I don't know how its possible, but i'm getting on EDGE for free and without putting any settings like APN information. I don't know if it has to do with the unlocking step i skipped or if the first agent I talked to at Tmobile did something for me but i'm scared that i'm going to get charged for all the usage next month.

    Anyone else get anything similar in the past with tmobile?

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    I had a similiar situation with some of Tmobile's other mobile PC type phones for almost 2years I could download webpages on my ipaq and hp cellphones. It would not let me do the push mail to send mail, but I could receive. I called tmobile and asked them if I was being charged and they said no. never saw any thing on the bill, but maybe a month went by and it stopped completely?


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    well my problem is my iphone works fine but i didnt have edge so i chose to call tmobile and they set me up with 19.99 internet plan and gave me the apn. but it still didnt work. i called back and they said that it should be working so they told me to keep trying turning it off. but still never got it.the person from t mobile told me theyve never had a problem with this and they would research it for me.then last night im on the road and i noticed when i looked at my phone i opened myspace and it was working verrrry slowly but still no E in the corner . anyone can help me get edge running would be greatly aprreciative.

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    Quote Originally Posted by david222 View Post
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    I have an Unactivated sim card and this doesn't work for me.

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