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Thread: T Mobile Edge Settings Available Now - 100 % Workin

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    so checking your mail is a little buggy now? meaning it takes a while to send/receive emails using imap? im trying to decide whether or not i should stick with my tmobile (non internet working) iphone or just switch over to at&t. the browsing on the iphone was a big reason i got it in the first place.

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    Default Looks Like it is connected
    So I have done all the the required directions. I get the "E" Like it is connected and when all the apps check the internet, they just time out. No errors, like not connecting, they just time out. Please help because I do not want to drop the 15 bucks extra for the blackberry plan.

    To add to it.

    Mail : Yes
    Weather: No
    Safari : No
    Stocks :No
    You tube : No

    So what could be the problem, I followed accordingly.
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    man, I finally got my t-zone to work. I just simply unplug my wireless router and my EDGE just kicked in. But when I'm away from home, it doesn't work. I am certain that I am using t-zone because my Internet is really slow. The loading icon spins really slow, as oppose to my wifi spinning really fast.

    I did a network test for my EDGE and I got 204.87 kb/s.

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    so could apollo and imchat work?
    if not, can you go on jivetalk or meebo instead?


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    Quote Originally Posted by soda97 View Post
    so could apollo and imchat work?
    if not, can you go on jivetalk or meebo instead?

    i tried IMchat and it didn't work. it kept connecting, so i just gave up. i don't know what jivetalk or meebo is. sorry.

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    i copied the pref file and proxy file over and i definitely got nothing for the tzones thing. nothing at all. i turned wifi off to see if that had an effect on it and nothing. just "safari cant open the page".

    i tried
    internet 2, internet 3... changing the user name and pass from nothing at all to 'guest', tried getting i think its called a dotac file from tmobile and they were only able to send the browser message to my razr and not my iphone.

    a guy i work with said they tmobile figured out people were doing this and closed the ports??
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    I guess I am the only person who's EDGE was suspended by t-mobile! Did this hack, used it for two days, transferred about 15 MB, then it didn't work. ("You are not subscribed to EDGE") I put my sim into my RIZR and called 611. They stated that the I broke the terms of service for T-Zones and therefore shut it off. Forced to upgrade to the Internet Package for $20/month if I wanted to use the network. However, using the total internet package significantly lowers the latency and increases bandwidth. Safari is actually bearable!

    T-Zones - 2.89s Latency, 110kbps
    Total Internet - 1.02s Latency 166kbps

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    damn, I guess I should be careful. no random surfing then. I should stick to checking email and scores only.

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    What do i need to do to my prefence.plist to make my tzone work? Can someone help me..
    i got the proxy.pac done already.. and i have ibrickr

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    worked fine! Had to play with save as... a few times to get it to save as a .pac file. Good Work..

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    has anyone got this to work with wifi yet?

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    awesome thanks!

    works great,my test speed was only 90Kbps but that probably has to do with the bad service coverage here at school.
    2G iPhone:8Gb/unlocked/T-Mobile/T-Zones ($5.99)/FW2.2.1(5H11)
    LOST in the frozen backcountry of Copper Mountain, CO

    iPhone: 3G/8Gb/unlocked/T-Mobile/T-zones ($5.99)/FW3.1.2

    Mac: because two mouse buttons are scary.

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    OMG! Finally I got my damn internet working on my phone after 1.1.1 update. THANK YOU WHIZKID!!!!

    My results from the test was 159.1 kbps

    8GB 3G iPhone

    • Universal-Sim 5.5 Unlock
    • 2.1 Pwned with Pwnage Tool

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    Default Possible solution to safari crashing other problems...
    I tried this hack over the weekend and was having problems with safari and google maps showing a black screen and then crashing back to the dashboard. A couple of things I was doing wrong. 1st I was using textedit to create the proxy.pac file and I had it set to save as rtf. Make sure under textedit (or whatever you're using) to save the file and a standard txt file. If your program adds the txt extension (proxy.pac.txt) make sure you remove the extension before uploading to the iphone. On mac desktops I think the default now is to not show file extentions so even if it shows no .txt extension on your desktop it could still be there (change this under the finder preferences).

    2nd, I've noticed a few different IP addresses out there for the proxy.pac file. I'm not sure why there are different ones but the one working for me is the one in this guide ( I had one in there from another guide that was 10.x.x.x something and it does not work for me, this might change depending on where you're located, I'm not sure - but if you're doing everything else right you might try some of the other addresses out there for the proxy server.

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    if i update to 1.1.1 will my iphone still be unlock for t-mobile

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    ok i really am cunfused to make the proxy.pac file do you need to do this on a computer? i have a pc. if so how do i transfer the file to the iphone?

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    Default cheap or expensive it's the same
    i try the and they both work. i tried with the proxy and without.
    Tmobile gives me an IP starting with 10. on both occasions. speed is also very similar and it's true that it varies on different locations at different times.

    Stick with the cheap option.... if you get caught you will be forced into the expensive option anyways. What's there to lose.

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    ok how do u access /private/var/root in mobile finder ?

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    178 on the speed test, sweet

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    ok im completely stupid then cause i have no idea where anything is i got my phone maybe a week ago unlocked version 1.1.1 can you guys explain it somehow in more simple terms like step by step by step cause im completely oblivious i would really appreciate it please

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