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Thread: T Mobile Edge Settings Available Now - 100 % Workin

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    I tested my speed over T-Zone... I got 120Kbps

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    Question Iphone edge setting
    Quote Originally Posted by whizkid View Post
    whizh plan are you using???
    are you using post paid t mobile plan with 5.99 t zone internet connection on if yes then it should work fine il tell u the process again or u can check ur edge settings will be
    user - guest
    pass - guest

    since if this is ok u dont need to modify ur settings and vpn tooo

    just copy the code and save the file as

    ok when u explore your mobile through mobile finder under

    wher u have place the proxy.pac file
    when u click on it u will actually see it is saved as proxy.pac.txt which we dont want it so change on the phone itself to proxy.pac after saving download the rapidhsare file it includes the settings for connection and JUST OVERWrITE IT under


    after overwriting reboot your iphone and try to open weather it will say updating and after few moments it will be updated

    this mean ur net is working your you tube will also work but first time it will say cannot connect and second time it will connect but slow


    dont mess with the settings after this

    Hey i just wanted to know how you acess the files private/root/var when i do it through my computer it just shows my pictures thats it is there a program or something

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    as of right now; t-mo on the east coast is having problems with t-zones/edge/internet so if u experience that they said just sit tight. i guess they meant that literally cuz im tight right now!
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    how long does it take for this to kick in and work?

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    My tzones work but I've noticed for example if the weather or stocks takes to long to update, I exit and try again and then it works right away. Or youtube won't work the first time, but the second time it always works. Is this normal?

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    Default install of files
    got it working thanks
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    OK, so I'm desperate for help here. My wife and I both have iPhones with the $5.99 plan. I've had it for about 5 months with no issue. I signed my wife up last week, and doesn't work on her phone, whereas it works on mine. works on her phone, but only insofar as her mail works now, but we can't access any web pages (server not responding after about 30 seconds). Is there some trick to making it work? Driving me crazy! She's on 1.1.3, fyi, and both phones are using the Bosshacks 1.1.3 hack. My sim works perfectly in her phone for Internet purposes.

    ALL help appreciated!

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    Quote Originally Posted by whizkid View Post
    CredDIts To HaCkiNTosH
    alternating caps make you retarded

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    Does Google Maps still work on t-zones hack

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    Quote Originally Posted by whizkid View Post
    CredDIts To HaCkiNTosH
    The truth always comes out...

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    Ok, I wanna get the EDGE workin on my iPhone but I have now idea how to start editing the files necessary to make it work.

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    Default same problems
    hi, i am completly lost i dont even know where to begin wit all that file stuff i read it atleast 9 times and could not understand what anyone is talking about. i bought my iphone yesterday and i pluged it in to my comp, did the ziphone unlock right away with version 3.0 everything works perfectly except the EDGE. ive tried also also tried i can not make any of them work as long as i am connected to wifi everything work of course, i had a sidekick LX prevously and had the data plan so i know i do have EDGE i a;ways get that error saying cannot connect im not subscribed to EDGE, can anyone help me please, much thanks =)


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    Default I need help.
    So I have the Unlimted 19.99 internet plan. I have followed all the instructions, ya know, with the proxy.pac, etc. Anyways, my Gmail is working, WiFi working, but all other internet apps (including Safari) crash upon request of data over EDGE. I don't know what to do... I have had T-Mobile for 6 Hours now, and I'm really missing the internet on my phone.

    I heard somewhere on here you might not even need to change any settings if you have the 19.99 plan, you just have to wait 24 hours. But I already have the EDGE Icon, and I'm receiving IMAP email over edge, just nothing else.

    Please respond with Help!

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    the internet is so slow...

    i dont understand where you type all this stuff at ?? its kinda confussing
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    haha my speed is 886.24

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    all of these sound great, but I still do not know how to upload anything to my phone. I bought it a year ago, and just yesterday when I was updating the installer, it crashed and has not been working. I fixed it, partially, but I do not know how to make it work with T-mobile. It just displays no service, could anyone please help me?

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    does anyone know if the T-mobile $5.99 hack works with firmware 1.1.4?

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    All I needed to do was type the info in the APN section and voila! It worked. Thank goodness- I saw the other method and my eyes began to cross....

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    does this work for UK iphones? thanks (mine is unlocked and on UK t-mobile with web'n'walk unlimited price plan)

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    Cool Tmobile Iphone Hack 1.1.4 Updated!
    Ok i jsut got my 8gb iphone 3 days ago and i was a newby then, i am a network engineer so i pick up on things fast thus after reading so many different forums and following instructions i did everything possible. And i would get the internet working for a bit then it would stop then wifi lost connection and would not grab an ip from my network then i tried the fix wifi patch and i noticed it changed my mac address and i started to connect to my neighbor's secure network (wtf???) so yesterday i changed my mac on wifi and reassigned the mac on my network but i still could not get youtube to work! so i finally got fed up and i just started doing my own experimentation as oppose to all the forums i've read so far. And guess what i have everything working with t-zones!!!!! i can check my email, watch utube browse the internet and etc... Follow the instructions to the T!!!:
    first of all install the following:
    itunes, iliberty+ and iphone PC suite (i am using version 1.07)
    first restore settings from itunes then wait for it to boot then tell u that u r not using the right sim for it! don't panic after restoring settings uninstall itunes cause it's a useless program that will not benefit u at all!
    start up iliberty and select [Advanced~Payloads available on Repo~refresh(then select Local Payloads=Activate, downgrade bootloader, installer, mobile safari patch, unlock, youtube fix) do not install cydia i have tried that be4 and it [email protected]*&ed on me] then click on "Go For It!" and follow the instructions on the screen! after it resets everything make sure u r on a wifi network so u can download and install everything fast!

    Click on installer and update everything! (community Sources and Sources and installer!!) now click on uninstall u should notice that "Community Sources" should be installed! If not it should be the first thing u should install then install BSD Subsystems version 2.1 from "All Packages" installer->All packages -> BSD Sub then follow the same step for OpenSSH then Bigboss's beta/experimental and finally click on installer then scroll down to Tweaks (1.1.4) and install T-Mobile 1.1.4 Tzones version 1.00. Reboot ur iphone then setup ur email check out utube browse the internet and so forth! Now i am using iphone PC suite for syncing and uploading and i love it it works much better than itunes and i don't have to worry about itunes overwriting any of the files that i have installed on my iphone! I did this about 45 mins ago and i figured i need to share it with all the ppl who are having issues gettting everything to work and if u r tired and frustraded from reading so many different forums and what not follow the steps above! And Good luck!

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