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Thread: FlexPay with T-Zones @ $5.99 / Anyone?

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    Default FlexPay with T-Zones @ $5.99 / Anyone?
    I have been trying to have this plan added and I am not being successful, I even filled my FlexPay account with 15.00 of credit.

    Anyone with FlexPay was able to add T-Zones this year?

    Also, if you have FlexPay with T-Zones, is there a way you can find out the CODE for that service?

    I think the reason why the reps are not being able to add it is because it might not be the same code as the "TZUNL599" for the normal contract accounts.


    PS.: Do not post saying that it is impossible to have T-Zones with FlexPay, a member here proved that it is on Joe's thread "How to get T-Zones (TMobile Web) $5.99 Added!! Works."

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    Please wait while we find an agent to assist you...
    You have been connected to Jayson B.
    Jayson B: Thank you for contacting T-Mobile Chat. My name is Jayson and it is my pleasure to assist you today.
    Jayson B: Hi Rob! How are you?
    Rob A: Hi jayson how are you
    Jayson B: I'm doing great! Thanks for asking.
    Rob A: I'm just fine. I contact you guys earlier and I had to end the session early do to server that convo by any chance noted on my account?
    Jayson B: I understand you would like to add the t-zones feature on the account.
    Jayson B: I’ll check into this right away.
    Jayson B: Please stand by while I am pulling up your account.
    Rob A: alright
    Rob A: i was told it was going to be added but i still haven't seen it on my account yet
    Jayson B: Please stand by while I research your issue.
    Rob A: alright
    Jayson B: Okay Rob, I can see here that the feature has not been added yet on the account.
    Jayson B: Please let me just go ahead and add this one for you.
    Rob A: alright thank you
    Jayson B: Let's see if we can add it now at this moment.
    Jayson B: You are very much welcome.
    Jayson B: Please give me a moment while I do this one for you.
    Rob A: alright
    Jayson B: Wait Rob.
    Rob A: Yes?
    Jayson B: I can see here that you are on a FlexPay plan.
    Rob A: is tzones not compatible with flexplay?
    Jayson B: To add the feature on the account, you have to make an advance payment for the price of the feature.
    Rob A: if i put enough in my flexplay balance to cover it will it take it out of that?
    Jayson B: In this case, you have to call our Customer Care Department to assist you with adding the feature on the account and to make an advance payment over the phone.
    Jayson B: Yes Rob.
    Rob A: ok let me refill my flexplay account then
    Jayson B: Rob, you may reach our Customer Care Department by dialing 611 from your T-Mobile handset and pressing send.
    Jayson B: Okay, you may just contact us again when you already added a refill on your FlexAccount.
    Jayson B: Rob, you may also call us toll free within the USA at 1-800-937-8997.
    Rob A: alright thats fine but if i'm able to refill my flexplay account online can't we possibly resolve that now?
    Jayson B: We'll see that if we are able to add it on the account.
    Rob A: alright my flexplay account has $15 in it...should be enough to cover the tzones plan
    Jayson B: Okay, let me try to do this one for you.
    Rob A: flexpay*
    Rob A: ok
    Jayson B: Okay Rob, I noticed something here.
    Rob A: alright
    Rob A: whats that
    Jayson B: I noticed that your rate plan is the NW Get More Single Line w/FlexPay Annual Contract Rate Plan for $29.99.
    Rob A: does that conflict with tzones?
    Jayson B: I was trying to add the feature on the account but I was unable to add it and I noticed that your rate plan does not match with the feature that is why I am unable to add it.
    Rob A: strange because the other service rep didnt tell me that
    Jayson B: To add the t-zones feature on the account, the rate plan must be $49.99 and higher.
    Rob A: hmm that cant be correct because someone i know has the 29.99 plan as well with tzones and the rep yesterday told me it wouldnt be a problem
    Jayson B: Okay, let me check it further.
    Rob A: ok im really sorry for the trouble
    Jayson B: Okay Rob, I do apologize for this but the t-zones is not an optional feature based on your current rate plan.
    Jayson B: I do apologize for the misinformation but we are unable to add it on the account since it is not an optional feature based on your current rate plan.
    Jayson B: T-zones feaure can only be added to rate plans with $49.99 and higher monthly charge.
    Rob A: hmm alright well thanks for the help
    Jayson B: You are very much welcome.
    Your session has ended. You may now close this window.
    I'm going to try calling in and see if I could get it.
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    Hey Robby.

    I think what is happening is that the reps are being unable add the plan on FlexPay accounts using the PROMO CODE "TZUNL599".

    On my previous attempts to chat, I got basically same response you did... They tell me that I need to call Customer Care to have it added.

    That is why we need someone that has T-ZONES on FlexPay gracious enough to try to help us find out the PROMO CODE for T-ZONES on FlexPay.

    I tried contacting member "crouching", which has the T-ZONES on FlexPay, but he is not replying my PM's.

    Robby, if it turns out you are successful let me know.

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    Hey guys sorry ive been away from my computer for a while, but yeah ill try to contact chat support if i can find the link on their site and ask the rep what my promo code is or what else it may be called.

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    Robby23 (2009-02-18)

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    Thanks for the code. If I change my plan to individual basic without flexpay would the normal tzones code work?

    EDIT: The guy on the phone told me that he would, since all these reps told me i could get tzones and never gave it to me, give me for $19.99/mo unlimited internet/text. So I saved a $1 if i were to get tzones and unlimited texting separate. Sweet deal
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    I dont think so Robby.

    They definetly gave you the 100MB Web limit plan.

    When I was trying to get T-Zones, they would offer this plan to me as unlimited as well, then I asked "Is it really?", the rep checked for further info and then informed that indeed there was a 100MB limit and $0.20c / per MB over the limit.

    So I advise you to double check on that...

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    Well, I'm waiting for it to get added to my account still. Hasn't shown up. If it is the 100MB plan I'll call and complain and see if they give me anything better.

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    I had to bump this topic. I tried one last time today to call in. I first asked the lady if she could tell me what data plans are compatible with my phone. I gave her an ime number from an unlocked samsung x427. She listed me all the data plans and I told her I wanted to add the 9.99 plan. She said that it was only coming up showing that my phone could only use the 24.99 plan for blackberry and some other plans that were much more expensive. I told her I would prefer the 9.99 plan and she said fine. She said she added it and I confirmed it by going on my account on I then said that my friend just messaged me and told me to ask about the tzones plan for 5.99. I asked if she could add that instead and without any trouble she said sure. Within like 1 min of holding she said it was all done and completed!!! I checked my online account and it was true!

    So it is possible guys!

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    I dont see that phone available on the t-mobile website. What else can I use?
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    One more try for me, no success.

    Rep's "excuse" this time:
    "This plan is not available for your account type"

    I currently have 2 lines with FlexPay, both have the $9.99 plan.

    Rep even suggested if I wanted to remove the $9.99 (which I prepaid) even though he was not able to add the T-Zones...

    I am all out of ideas...
    I lost count how many times I tried in the past 3 months.

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    bump (This is important for us FlexPay account holders)

    So far only Robby was able to get it...
    It means that there is hope.

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    hey did you get the 9.99 flexpay data plan working on your phone?

    I can't get it to work on mine.

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    I have the flexpay with web2go plan. Use the apn and you should be able to have the internet. I am currently using that and everything is working fine.

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    Yeah thats what I have but it's not working any tips.

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    Make sure you unlocked the phone, and are not on the "3g" network.

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    yeah i am unlocked and not on 3g. I use to have internet for 25 bucks but then i switched to the 9.99 one and now it's not working.

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    If you just set it up within the last 24 hours, then it might not be activated yet. Make sure data roaming is turned off, and your username and password for the cellular data are blank.

    edit: data roaming option does not matter, just tested

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    yup did all that. it's been on for about a week. and still nothing. I'm pretty savvy with the iphone and making sure i have everything correct so this one has my baffled.

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    Quote Originally Posted by armyofme4340 View Post
    yup did all that. it's been on for about a week. and still nothing. I'm pretty savvy with the iphone and making sure i have everything correct so this one has my baffled.
    Does T-Mobile have your iPhone IMEI on file at all? Like have you ever given it to ANYONE at T-Mobile? - If not find a dumbphone and call them to troubleshoot.



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