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Thread: APN goes away on its own

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    Question APN goes away on its own
    Please forgive me, but i've searched all over and I can't find any recent information for the problem, only information for 1.1.2.

    I unlocked/jailbroke my iPhone with the latest 2.2.1 pwnagetool, and i'm using T-Mobile. I set the apn to which works fine.

    The problem is that for no reason, my internet quits working, and when I check my settings, the APN is blank. No rebooting or anything. Come to think of it, seems like it quit after I install an appstore app, but might not be related.

    On 2.2.1, what is the latest fix for this? I heard conflicting solutions - some saying I need to install a fix from the installer, other saying this bug was fixed long ago. Could it be that I'm roaming one time, and the next time im not? Doesn't' make sense.

    Do I need a carrier bundle? Carrier Bundle Generator iPhone FW 2.2.1 & PwnageTool 2.2.5 / Quickpwn 2.2.5

    Again, I can set my apn, and exit settings. When I go back, it does remember my settings. Its just that for no reason later on, internet quits, and when I look, the apn is blank.

    Could someone help me with this? Thanks!

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    Default APN Field issues
    I sure would like to know if you have found a solution to the missing APN field. I use TMo and on my very last update to 2.2.1 FW, the Edge APN field disapeared, and it sounds similar to what you have experienced. If you or someone else finds a reason for this and or a solution, could you advise?? Thx

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