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Thread: How to get T-Zones Added!! Works.

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    guess I'm stuck with web2go

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    Woohoo, got it to work also... 1 try only!
    Thanks joefx13! This thread is very useful.. haha..


    This is what I put in the email:
    "Hi, I was chatting with a rep but my internet got disconnected. She gave me this promo code: TZUNL599 to add T-zones on my account. Could you please add it to my plan, I'd really appreciate your help. Thank you."

    Below is my chat with T-mobile rep:

    Ellaine Q: Hi purplecola , welcome to T-Mobile live help. I’m Ellaine and I will be happy to help you. Please give me a moment to review your question.
    purplecola: Hi Ellaine
    Ellaine Q: Thank you for waiting, purplecola.
    purplecola: : No probs.
    Ellaine Q: I understand you would like to add the promo for T-zones that is only $5.99 per month, am I right?
    purplecola: : That's right...
    Ellaine Q: I know how exciting it is to have this feature under your account. I will be more than happy to check on this for you, purplecola.
    Ellaine Q: purplecola, would it be fine with you if I put you on hold for 2 minutes as I further check on your account?
    purplecola: : Thank you...
    purplecola: : sure..
    Ellaine Q: Thank you for waiting.
    purplecola: : yeah no problem
    Ellaine Q: Before I go ahead and add the T-zone (TZUNL599) on your account, please be guided that you will be charge $5.99 plus the tax charge for this feature. Would you like me now to add this on your account?
    purplecola: : Thank you, yes please add it.
    Ellaine Q: Thank you for confirming.
    Ellaine Q: purplecola, please stay online as I process your request.
    Currently experiencing network delays, one moment please....
    purplecola: : OK
    Network connection re-established.
    purplecola: : OK
    Ellaine Q: Thank you for waiting.
    purplecola: : are u still there?
    Ellaine Q: I have already added the T-Zone feature on your account, purplecola.
    purplecola: : Great, thank you! Are we all set?
    Ellaine Q: Yes, purplecola. You may now use your T-Zone feature starting today (April 6, 2009).
    purplecola: : Oh cool... thank you for your help! have a great day.
    Ellaine Q: Is there anything else we can assist you with today?
    purplecola: : That'll be all. Thank you!
    Ellaine Q: It is my pleasure to assist you, purplecola.
    Ellaine Q: Thank you for contacting T-Mobile Chat, and thanks for being part of our family.
    Ellaine Q: Have a great day!
    purplecola: : :-) you too! thanks

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    I posted earlier about how I did it for my G1 (but then was having some trouble with it).

    Well, long story short, T-Mo seems be able to tell if you're using a G1 (makes sense, it's their phone), and totally shuts out (you get a message about needing the G1 plan) and only works for the browser (sometimes) and the email client (always), but as you all know epc works fine on iPhones.

    So, anyway, I ended up trading my G1 for an iPhone 3G (with broken glass, but that's a fix I'm comfortable doing myself) and turning a profit in the process, as it were.

    So now I actually belong here!

    Sorry, a bit off topic, I know, but I thought the irony (well, I'm not sure if it's really irony in the literary sense) was worth it.

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    Thanks it worked on the 1st damn try lol others cant be that hard lol so i just change my apn to correct since i got t zones.

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    Default question?
    ok so im kinda of a newbie
    but i should ask this before i go ahead and try making changes
    on my account.

    i have 3 lines on my account on t-mobile
    and i wanna add tzones.
    only on my line.
    but i have a unlimited text-picture messaging family plan
    (old 3 lines for $9.99 a month)
    do i need to remove that to add the t-zones?
    because i heard thats a whole seperate thing.

    please reply back..

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    T-zones isn't related to texting. I don't see why there would be a problem there.

    I have T-zones and the 400-message package both on my plan. T-zones is per-line so I think it would just be on whichever line you asked it be added to, and the messaging would continue to apply to all lines.

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    worked like a charm
    first attempt!

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    It worked for me, Thanks a lot

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    Remember to HIT THE THANKS button please..

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    it works for me.

    at first he said they remove it last week so it cant be added but theni told him my account has been open for a year already so that plan should still be grandfather for my account. he then added it but warn me to not remove it becuase they can not add it anymore.

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    Worked for me.

    Thank you so much.

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    did not work for me, they added notes about me too!

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    Angry Did *NOT* work for me
    I took a slightly different spin. I had the Web2Go, but I could not get it to work. So I said that I was told it would be replaced with the T-Zones plan. I did have the Web2Go removed last week.

    Here is the chat:

    You have been connected to (Agent).
    (Agent): Hi xaric , welcome to T-Mobile live Chat. I’m (Agent) and I will be happy to assist you. Please give me a moment to review your question.
    (Agent): For your reference, my ID number is *********
    xaric: k
    (Agent): Hi xaric let me get your information one moment please.
    xaric: Sure
    (Agent): I have read your question xaric, and I do apologize xaric but the Tzone plan is no longer available .
    xaric: But the agent I spoke with said that she would add it to my plan ... and she gave me the plan code "TZUNL599" for reference
    (Agent): I show the Web2go was removed but I am not able to replace it with a Tzone plan.
    xaric: The Web2Go plan didn't work on my phone ... and I was told that she would put the TZUNL599 on my account
    (Agent): Again I do apologize xaric but the "TZUNL599", is not a plan that we can add.
    xaric: That is not what I was told before
    (Agent): Let me check the notes xaric, one moment.
    (Agent): Sorry for the delay xaric, but I am not able to add the TZunl599 that is no longer a plan thru use.
    xaric: That's my understanding as well ... but because the WEb2Go plan didn't work, they said they would try the TZunl599 one instead
    (Agent): If I could add that to your account xaric I would be happy to.
    xaric: I see
    xaric: Well, thanks for your help (Agent).
    (Agent): Your very welcome xaric, have a good day,
    xaric: You too

    Oh, and they added notes about this on my account as well. Grrgh.

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    This isnt working anymore they are offering a free trial for 1 month for web2go

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    i've tried the live chat 3 times now, and one through the phone.. no luck yet.. any one get it to work recently? If so, any other suggestions? i tried using the examples shown on here with a few variations but no go.

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    Gonna try my luck soon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by joefx13 View Post
    Did you provide them with the IMEI of your iphone?

    You dont need to provide your IMEI, as soon you put that SIM card in your phone and is connected to the Tmobile service it will show in their system what type of phone you have. But they cant do nothing about it. Even if they know that the phone is stolen they cant do nothing about it ( i learn this from a friend of mine that work at a Tmobile store).

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    i guess i was luck, i called in and just ask the rep to add T-zone to my account. after about 5 second, her came back and told me that it's added. and it showed up right away on my tmobile web account.

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    tmobile keeps tellin me that tzones is unavailible and keep offering me web2go.

    should i keep bothering them until i get it? or is it gone forever?

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