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Thread: Wifi not working on my iphone 3g

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    Default Wifi not working on my iphone 3g
    My phone has yellowsn0w 0.9.8 installed. I have T-mobile's unlimited internet plan...

    My networking settings are set to the following:

    Enable 3G - off
    Data Roaming - Off
    VPN - Not Configured
    *I figured I'd try to provide as much info as possible, I don't know which is relevant to problem solving.

    When I go to WiFi settings to turn on the Wifi, it searches for a network for about one second and stops. It is unable to find any networks (even though my wireless internet is totally working).

    Can anyone please help me? I want to fix it but I don't know what the heck to do.


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    Is your WiFi 802.11b/g on 2.4Ghz? It doesn't work with "N" or "a" networks.

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    is your security on your router wpa? because it also wont work

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    Quote Originally Posted by him121213 View Post
    is your security on your router wpa? because it also wont work
    I use an Airport Express (well actually a few with WDS) and WPA2 and the iphone works just fine for me.

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    I know the problem is with the phone and not the network, because I've tried to find any network and it can't find anything at all

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    I have the same exact problem. It`s not a router issue. It`s related to the iPhone itself and maybe some application installed. People suggest also it could be a heating problem of the iPhone`s battery, and they even suggest putting it in your Freezer! Sounds crazy to me...
    The truth is, I`ve search the net for solutions, and there isn`t one that I know of that has worked. Everyone says to restore in DFU, restore normally, reset network settings...
    I live in Brazil and can`t afford to travel to the US to exchange or send my 3g to a Apple Tech, So... If there is anyone here that can help with useful info, please do so. Thank you in Advance.


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    Angry My 3G Wifi not working --pls help
    And just one question...this method doesn't clear your network configuration? i mean the configuration of your company like the 3g or something like that?

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