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Thread: help pls... everything was working good yesterday.... socal

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    Default help pls... everything was working good yesterday.... socal
    ok- here's the deal...

    1. have 4 lines on tmo
    2. have 2 iphones (2G - 4GB and 8GB both 2.2) on two of those lines
    3. have the g1 plan on 1 and the w2g 100mb plan on the other
    4. had both set to until yesterday with no problems
    5. this morning both dont work.... tried them both with epc and internet2 APNs as well both with roaming on and off...
    6. setting the w2g line with epc gives me the 'you have to update your plan' BS screen in safari.
    7. all access points give me the 'E' edge logo on the top left screen on the w2g account.... but none of the APNs give me the logo with the G1 account..
    8. also noticed that the G1 has a APN setting that HAS a login and password.... but i thought we didn't need one? confused...

    oh yea - I live in SoCal- and ultimately what i'm trying to do is this... get one iPhone working on the w2g plan and the other to work on the G1 plan (which they were before...)

    also funny thing is this.... the g1 line works with the g1 phone.... but NOT with the g1 in '2G only' mode (basically the option that deactivates the 3G)

    Just called up tmo and they said that nothing has changed in the past few days. Puzzled. funny thing is that they said that the 2G mode- they can't help with...

    Really weird.... spend the day at home.... and nothing changed... but went out to dinner and I had EDGE... (on - on both phones.. and both phones WIFI was off) came back home and same thing as before... phones only work on WIFI and EDGE is dead...
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    maybe it a reception issue

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    I had similar issue on my 3g on tzones.It kept redirecting me to W2go website or some tmobile site.All i did was reboot and it worked fine sice.This was 3 weeks ago.

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